A break to recover troops in Levante

The I raised He faces the break as an opportunity to recover cash for the remainder of the competition. Ruben Rochina, Robber pier, Nemanja Radoja Y Hernani, which ended the week with the group in the last work session before suspending group training until further notice. In this way, Paco lopez It could count up to four players after the coronavirus crisis of at least two weeks without competition.

Levante Shield / Flag

The Portuguese winger began to take his first steps with the group before the suspension of training on the recommendation of the RFEF. The Portuguese suffered an osteochondral injury to the internal femoral condyle of the right knee who finally opted to heal through conservative treatment, thus avoiding surgery. A little more than a month later, the confirmation of his non-operation was on February 10, Hernani is already tested with the other colleagues.

Rochina, for his part, he fell the following week, in the match against Villarreal, when he was having a great personal moment. The one from Sagunto had a grade II muscle break in the right adductor, with a diagnosis of around four weeks of discharge. Without joining the group yet, the left-hander was close to rejoining the training dynamic. On the resume it will be ready.

Radoja he is the one who is the furthest from returning. The Serbian midfielder fell last day in the match against Granada at Ciutat de València on the return to the team after his hamstring injury. It lasted 55 minutes. The Balkan has relapsed and aggravated his ailments, since tests confirmed grade II tear in the hamstrings of his left leg, the same area that had him six weeks away from the playing fields. On that occasion the injury was grade I.

While Robber has been working with the rest of the group for a few weeks after overcoming his anterior cruciate ligament injury to his right knee, produced on the penultimate day of last season against Girona, with the descent at stake, in Montilivi. The Galician could end the season by entering a call, but from the coaching staff they are very cautious with the central defender, who has gone through a long and hard process so far.