A break for Jovic: called up again by Serbia

Luka Jovic (22 years old) is in all the headlines of the last days by his situation at Real Madrid, very up in the air. This Thursday, however, he was very happy: has entered the list of 30 summoned of Serbia, which is his second consecutive call with his country's team, to which he returned at the beginning of the month after almost a year of absence.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Ljubisa Tumbakovic In this way he renews the confidence of the forward, whom he nevertheless left no minutes in the September window. Now it requires you for the triple appointment of October 8 against Norway in Oslo, 11 against Hungary in Belgrade and 14 against Turkey in Istanbul. The first match, with Odegaard on the other side, will be decisive for the Serbian options to be in the Eurocup; the other two will serve to try to straighten the course in League B of the League of Nations, after having fallen (3-1) with the Russians and not going beyond the tie (0-0) with the Turks.


Before that, Jovic's future at Madrid will be resolved. The club, in the absence of minutes (only 247) in its first white season, prefers to give it up in this 2020-21. Confidence in him is maintained due to his age and potential, but it is also understood that it is a measure that must be taken. The decision bears the signature of Zidane, that in a meeting with the tip he offered his vision and recommended that he go on loan. The problem is that in recent months many trains have been missed (Naples, Monaco …), which reduces at the moment the attractive destinations. Until October 5, anything can happen …