A bad defensive in a disappointing loss from the Steelers hurts the Seahawks’ chances to advance to the playoffs.

SEATTLE—They thought they were in the driver’s seat of their own lives, but apparently not.

It was enough for the Seahawks to win both of their final contests to make guaranteed they made the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, that have been one of the most awful offensive lines in the NFL this season, ran all over them and beat individuals 30-23 at Lumen Field in Sunday.

It was one of the worst defenses they’ve seen in 2017 or in recent memory. After the loss, Seattle’s record fell to 8-8.

They need to beat Arizona next week and get some help from rivals in order to make the playoffs.

The Steelers played the Seahawks on Sunday. The Seahawks won two in a row to put themselves back into the running for a spot in the NFC playoffs.

The Seahawks had a chance of qualifying for the playoffs, but the Steelers beat them 30–23 during Lumen Field, ending their hopes. Also, either Minnesota and Green Bay played on Sunday night.

That game wasn’t likely to end in a tie, so Seattle was going to compete with New Orleans to the last NFC postseason spot along with the winner of that game.

There is still a chance that the Saints will win the NFC South. They also lost control of what was the most significant of all going into the second-to-last the weekend for the 2014 NFL period: there playoff fate.

This happened repeatedly as well on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was so easy for the Seahawks to figure it out.

They made the playoffs from beating either the Steelers as well as the Cardinals in their last two games. Seattle lost to Pittsburgh 30–23 at Lumen Field after being stomped on the whole game.

The Seahawks need to beat Arizona on Sunday as well as hope that they don’t lose at home next week to the Bears once beating the Vikings upon Sunday night.

There was only one wild card spot left after Seattle’s loss. It was claimed by the Rams. With Seattle’s loss, the LA Rams (9-7) locked up a spot in the playoffs. Today, there is only a single wild card spot left. The winner from the NFC East will get it.

They will spend their week thinking about every potential method by which they can reach the playoffs, as will the reporters and fans.

For now, the Seahawks want to fix their defense fast because next week they play the Cards in Arizona. The Cards are only 4-12, but they beat the Eagles 35–31 and got 449 yards.

They were ranked 28th in points scored and 26th in kilometers gained before the game. This season, they just once scored 30 points or more and gained 400 yards or more once, and both of those times included games that happened during the season.

In late November, they fired Matthias Canada as the offensive coordinator. They did all of those things on Sunday.

They gave up a season-best 468 meters, which puts them in the 2nd most yards Washington has allowed up this year, after Baltimore, where they gave up 515 yards in a loss.

This was the Steelers’ best gain of the season: 468 meters. Of that, 202 meters came from the ground, with 122 meters from Najee Harris and 75 meters from Jaylen Warren.

The Steelers had gained the second-most yards all season, and the Seahawks had given up the second-most yards all season.

Their 30 points were second most on the season, just behind there 34-point win across the Cincinnati Bengals last week.

This attack was one of the most serious in the NFL’s history until within the previous two weeks.

They were so unhappy that Matt Canada, the boss, was fired in the very last week about November.

Someone on defense named Devin Bush said, “They were just beat ourselves at the line about scrimmage.”