A 20 year attack

Modern football has changed. That tiqui-taca Spain marked an era (it is difficult for anyone to chain Euro-World-Euro-Euro again), but it had been a long time to reinvent itself. This is evidenced by the latest failures in World Cups and Euro Cups and that is how Luis Enrique has understood it. Against Switzerland that revolution was radical: an attack lasting 20 years on average. Oyarzabal (23), Ansu Fati (17) and Ferran Torres (20).

Now the touch is accompanied by high pressure and an intensity that has been lacking for a long time. The evolution of the style looks better than in any other demarcation at the ends: Ferran Torres, Ansu Fati and Adama Traoré. Three footballers who overflow, face … and press. They push a lot. Because the touch is still the hallmark, that is never lost, but also stealing and running. And, if it is in the opposite field, the better.

That change was reflected in the 1-0. The three young forwards pressing in the rival area, with Mikel Merino (23) accompanying. Nearby was also Dani Olmo (22), who yesterday had to delay his position. A changing of the guard, young man, that gives freshness and changes the style of the National Team.

Football without an audience loses its essence, although the little good about the absence of chants is being able to listen to the coaches (Luis Enrique relentlessly directed the pressure movements of Ansu and Ferran). And there is the first reason to start believing: players and coach go to one. The compliments to Luis Enrique are not for the gallery, the international ones also keep them private. Look at how everyone runs, no matter striker or defender, to steal every ball. When a footballer puts as much momentum into stealing a ball as he does scoring a goal, something works. And that happens right now in La Roja.