71 seconds of high tension until Koeman’s magic goal

May 20, 1992. A radiant sun in the old Wembley. There he won the first European Cup Johan Cruyff as leader of Ajax in 1971 before the Panathinaikos and there he led Dream Team of the Barça to pay off the biggest debt in the club’s history. The Sampdoriaalready defeated (2-0) in the final of the Cup Winners from Berna-89 in the first season of the ‘flaco’ as culé coach, he repeated in front even with Vujadin Boskov in the bank. With the Vialli, Mancini, Lombardo, Vierchowod y Pagliuca He came from taking the ‘scudetto’ from the great Milan of the Dutch commanded by Arrigo Sacchi.

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Koeman's goal radiography

The battle in the London temple, with the Barça in orange honoring the national team’s ‘tulipán’ jacket, it was not resolved until extra time after chances by both sides. a pardon of Zubizarreta a Lombardoanother of Pagliuca a Salinasa post of Stoichkov y Vialli y Mancini taking the breath away from Barcelona until extra time with penalties planning like the ghost of Sevilla. Six years had passed since that fateful night in the Pizjuan before him the star. Nobody wanted to remember her but everyone was remembering until the German Aron Schmidhuber called a holding foul on Winterize while Eusebio He was fighting for the ball up front. It was the moment. They all knew it. The next 71 seconds were high tension. Until Vialli, already supplied and with the towel covering his face, he feared the worst. Was for Ronald Koeman. The chosen one. First. For ever and ever. Barrier here and there. The referee raised his arm. It was indirect.


It was 10:30 p.m. in Spain when Koeman beat Pagliuca


And in minute 111, he touched it with the sole Stoichkovstopped her Jeans and the right foot Koeman He shot with millions of culés hearts that exploded when they saw the ball go in. The delirium The european cup was from Barça. Finally.

It was 10:30 p.m. in Catalonia when Koeman entered the eternity of Barcelona. Josep Lluís Núñez he stopped smiling, Jordi Pujol clapped his hands to his right and Pasqual Maragall he got up euphoric a little behind. The next nine minutes seemed like a thousand until the final whistle. Curse of Berna-61 y Sevilla-86 was left behind freeing Barcelona forever.

History changed in an Olympic year that brought more joy before the Games. Two and a half weeks later, on June 7, the first miracle of Tenerife. The Madrid he let himself come back from 0-2 and the Barça won the Athletic (2-0) and intoned the second straight alirón. And the script was repeated in the Islands a year later. Y Djukic missed a penalty in 1994 leaving the depose without the League, the fourth in a row Dream Team. A milestone, not yet surpassed by anyone, impossible without that goal from Koeman in Wembley. The goal.


Ronald Koeman went crazy after the goal

Miguel Moreno (MD)

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