5 likely places for former Patriots leader Bill Belichick to go

5 likely places for former Patriots leader Bill Belichick to go

One could still say that Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches in the NFL, even though he is no longer via the New England Patriots. What finally brought him down in New England couldn’t be explained by wins and losses.

The team quickly went downhill because of bad choices about hiring players. At the end of the 2023 season, they had a 4-13 record and were last in the AFC East division.

But the Patriots were still competitive in most games, even though they had one of the worst teams across the league, especially on offense. It’s possible that Belichick was a sufficient head coach on the field to make up for the mistakes he made when choosing players.

In the last three years, the Dallas Cowboys have ended with a 12–5 record. The only win they have to demonstrate for it is a 2022 wild card round playoff win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Sunday, the Green Bay Packers blew them off their home field in a very bad way. Dallas needs to make some big changes, and firing Mike McCarthy could be the first step.

Devin McCourty, who used to be captain of the Patriots, suggested that the Cowboys try to hire Belichick, which would make sense for both teams.

It would be the best coach in NFL history for the Cowboys, and Belichick would be on a team that would help him beat Don Shula’s record for wins and make a run at another Super Bowl.

What makes a coach who has won six Super Bowls think about a team with an average defense and questions about their quarterback?

The Titans could also lose their running back James Henry, who is their best offensive tool because he is set to become a free agent.

On the other hand, Belichick was raised in Nashville, and Henry might stay long enough to see him. Receiver DeAndre Hopkins of the Titans already gets along well with Belichick. This could be the renowned coach’s surprise return home.

Let’s take a moment to think about how crazy this is. It’s amazing how quickly the New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick’s time with the team have fallen apart. Every star has to go down, and Belichick wouldn’t be a coach forever.

It looked like the company was going in an appropriate direction after just two seasons. With rookie quarterback Mac Jones picked in the first round, the team made the playoffs.

After two years, Jones’s growth has gone off the rails, the club has missed the playoffs for two years in a row, and now Belichick as well as the Patriots are breaking up.

Belichick will now start a new part of his teaching career. He will try to pass Hall of Famer coach Don Shula for the most wins, but this time he won’t have a Patriots badge on his jacket.

While we think about what he should do next, let’s look at some places where he could end up. He’s probably the best head coach of all time. Smoky Mountain Titans fans are still angry that the team fired head coach Mike Vrabel.

The Chargers job is one among the few that is still open. The Raiders and Panthers jobs are also open. The Los Angeles Chargers fired coach Brandon Staley in the middle of the season.

The Chargers have always had a lot of ability on both sides of the ball, but bad coaching decisions have kept them from reaching their full potential.

Along with firing Staley, the Chargers in addition fired general manager Tom Telesco. This would allow Belichick to keep control of the whole team, just like he did in New England.

But because of Justin Herbert, this job might be the best one for you. If Herbert is fit, he is one of the best players in the NFL. If Belichick works with the former first-round pick to create a winning culture around him, Los Angeles can do anything.