5 Biggest Comebacks In NFL Playoffs History

Football is one of the most popular sports in the US. It has produced legends on the pitch who perform remarkable feats. They train night and day to give their best when playing a match. Their fans cheer them on each time they come out to play.

The National Football League is the most popular in the States. It has been around for years. Fans will confirm that there have been many exciting moments throughout the league’s history. New players still amaze fans with their feats.

Everyone loves a comeback. It has happened many times in the NFL. One time is down in one game, and in the next, they find the will to turn the result around in their favor. They score the points in a small amount of time and have their fans on the edge of their seats.

So far, there are many such moments in NFL history. However, five of them stand out. They are so unique that people would be surprised even if they watch them now. Below are the five biggest comebacks in NFL playoffs history that have captivated fans for years.

1981 AFC Divisional Round

NFL history is brimming with epic comebacks. One of them happened in the 1981 AFC Divisional Round. The San Diego Chargers were facing the Miami Dolphins and losing pretty badly. The score was 24-0 in favor of the Dolphins.

Everyone thought the Dolphins would carry that game home, but the second half started and the Chargers charged in. They turned the game around in their favor by scoring 41 points. The last-minute touchdown happened when Fouts passed the ball to Kellen Winslow. It’s known as an Epic in Miami and one of the many iconic moments in the team’s history.

1999 AFC Wild Card Round

The Wild Card Round has produced some stunning matches throughout the years, but not as stunning as the one in 1999. The Tennessee Titans were facing the Buffalo Bills and weren’t doing badly, as the score was 16-15 in favor of the Bills. The problem was that there were only 16 seconds left, but the Titans managed to turn the game around.

The ball went from one set of hands to another until it reached Kevin Dyson. He sprinted 75 yards and scored a touchdown that bumped the score to 22-16 in favor of the Titans. The Music City Miracle is now one of the most epic games in NFL history.

Super Bowl LI (2017)

The Super Bowl is one of the most notable events in any NFL season. It attracts many Americans to the stadium for a spectacular show. The LI Super Bowl featured a fantastic comeback. The New England Patriots were playing against the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots were in a bad situation as they lost to the Falcons.

The score was 28-3 in favor of the Falcons. However, the second half came around, and Tom Brady snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. The Patriots scored 25 points and tied the game. They finished with a touchdown that won them the game.

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2018 NFC Divisional Round

Another exciting moment in the NFL playoffs was the 2018 NFC Divisional Round. The Vikings were playing against the Saints. It was a close game, as the score was 24-23 in favor of the Saints. There were 10 seconds left, so nothing could go wrong for the Saints.

Case Keenum, the Vikings’ quarterback, passed the ball to Stefon Diggs, who avoided a tackle and started sprinting. He reached the end zone after covering 61 yards to score the winning touchdown. The match was known as the Minneapolis Miracle.

1992 AFC Wild Card Round

Sometimes, star quarterbacks aren’t the only ones that can score a win. Frank Reich was a backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 1992. He made history during the AFC Wild Card Round. They were facing the Oilers, who were leading with a score of 35-3.

The Bills were in a dire situation. When Frank Reich entered the game, he orchestrated a comeback that turned the score into a tie. During the overtime, the Bills outscored the Oilers and took another victory under their belts. 


1. What factors contribute to successful comebacks in the NFL playoffs?

A team has to maintain composure to perform a successful comeback. Also, each player needs to bring out their best foot forward.

2. Are there common trends or strategies seen in successful comebacks?

Adaptability is a crucial element to making a successful comeback. Strategy and planning also play essential roles.

3. How do comebacks impact a team’s momentum in the playoffs?

Comebacks will boost the team’s confidence, giving them the needed momentum to succeed more during the playoffs.

Bottom Line

The NFL is one of the most popular football leagues for a reason. Comebacks have fans at the edges of their seats and wanting more. The Minneapolis Miracle, Epic in Miami, and Music City Miracle prove that the losing team can turn the game around and win. The NFL playoffs will continue to have spectacular comebacks.