21st Century Cracks: Boñar, the future Godín of Atleti

Javier Boñar (Madrid, 2005) is one of the strongest projects that Atlético has in its quarry to become a major first team footballer in the future. It is a central defender with air power, leadership and a very good ball output. In his beginnings he was a midfielder, which allows him to have a privileged vision of the game. In the rojiblanca quarry many compare him to Godín for his characteristics.

Javier's first contact with football came at the age of five. He was a ball boy in his brother's team (two years older than him). One day they were short of people, he went in to play and never went out again. He entered the Atlético youth academy very early, when he was seven years old (2013). A team from Carabanchel arrived from the Metropolitano. Since then he has stood out in all categories.

His passion for soccer also runs in the family: his great-grandfather was president of Club Deportivo Getafe, the embryo of current Getafe CF. He had an eye to discover talent: he signed Luis Aragonés when El Sabio de Hortaleza was 19 years old, in April 1957. Luis was decisive in achieving promotion to Third. He arrived for a few months and also stayed the following season, in which he aroused the interest of Real Madrid.

In his childhood, Javier Boñar had an idol that was decisive for him to start playing in the midfield: Kaká. At present, already established as the center, the one who is most focused on is Van Dijk. Due to his physical characteristics and his vision of the game, he has the potential to imitate the Liverpool footballer.

In the Spanish National Team they are also very clear that he will be one of the important footballers in the future: Julen Guerrero has summoned him with the U-15. All this has caused strong clubs in the Premier have tried to convince him to pack. However, Boñar has no intention of moving: wants to make a career at Atlético. The rojiblanco club values ​​that loyalty and will take care of every detail of its progression so that in the medium term it is a basic piece in the first team.