2-2: The goal in Athletic is up to the young

In times of crisis and an incessant search for the goal, with absurdity including the last day of the transfer market with conversations with Fernando llorente and the subsequent sainete, the youth of the Athletic demonstrated in Zorrilla that they do have gunpowder. They proved it Black pudding Y Zarraga with a pair of beautifully crafted targets. But not even so did he manage to win the rojiblanco box because he ruined all the previous work in the final ten minutes of the game. City of Valladolid Trophy (2-2). Of course, on penalties he could retaliate.

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The eleven arranged by Garitano It was a mix of the less common along with the younger ones. The most striking thing was seeing Vesga doing tandem with Nunez in the center of defense and Black pudding on the right wing of the attack. Face to face, the last two of the classification in the League. The initial 35 minutes were of a very poor pace, the usual in this type of commitments, and of no activity in the areas.

Cordova was the most active in the Athletic starting from the left, without bragging either. The occasions came by dropper. A couple of attempts with the head of Villalibre, excessively forced in both, and a direct lack of Black pudding at the hands of Robert. If the people of Bilbao generated little, the less Valladolid. A far left foot from Nacho that did not catch goal.

The scene was animated in the final stretch. First with a clear opportunity from the pucelanos. Boiled centered from the right and the head butt point-blank from Raul Carnero it diverted Ezkieta to corner. A good fright. Those of Garitano they were letting go. Sancet, from the half point, left the odd flash in the circulation. A displacement of 40 meters at the foot of Black pudding of which few are seen.

The notice of Athletic It came with a class action. Lekue deeply filtered to Zarraga, which broke from behind and gave back so that Villalibre stamp the ball against the stringer. The play continued and the leather reached Black pudding in centered positions, through which he moved throughout the game. The zornotzarra turned to the left, stepped on the ball and went out to the right. Then he landed a slap that wiped the cobwebs off the goal … with his right leg. The one that's supposed to be the bad one.

Sergio Gonzalez made ten changes at a stroke at halftime. Toni Villa He was the only one that remained, although he was withdrawn at the time of the game. Garitano introduced two substitutions, to highlight the nuance on the left-handed side. Iñigo Vicente relieved Balenziaga Y Cordova he delayed his position. Further, Kodro entered by Sancet. It was short-lived in the green. Injured his arm after a bad fall and Unai lopez took his place at 65 '.

He Valladolid he had taken command in the previous minutes. Had more dynamite in offensive zone with Óscar Plano, Waldo, GuardiolaEzkieta appeared twice. He took a powerful but focused kick from Flat and also repelled the attempt to Waldo, diverted by Victor.

With the entry of Unai lopez, he Athletic improved his version. Partnered with Victor, Zarraga, Lekue or Vicente and had more possession. In the absence of a quarter of an hour, the rojiblanca sentence seemed to arrive, which had its genesis in a center of Cordova. Zarraga he punctured the ball and unstitched it from the front, making it clear that he has arrived. Something unusual in the midfielders of the Bilbao squad.

However the Valladolid he hadn't said his last word. He appealed to the lateral centers and found oil, largely due to visiting collaboration. Guardiola closed the gap in the 80 'with a header after a bad start from Ezkieta Y Zalazar leveled at 87 'after winning the position to Vesga in the small area. The eleven meters decided and there the Athletic was more accurate. Made full. Unai López, Zarraga, Vencedor and Vicente they sent their penalties to the net and Ezkieta they were arrested Kike Perez already Zalazar to redeem himself from the previous mistake.


Robert; Sergio López, Bruno, Miguel Rubio, Nacho; Míchel, Oriol; Hervías, Toni Villa, Raúl Carnero; and Marcos André.
They also played: Masip, Luis Pérez, Carro, Alonso, Villarrasa, San Emeterio, Kike Pérez, Óscar Plano, Waldo, Guardiola and Zalazar.


Ezkieta; Lekue, Núñez (Paredes, min. 77), Vesga, Balenziaga (Iñigo Vicente, min. 46); Victor, Zarraga; Morcillo (Lorente, min. 86), Sancet (Kodro, min. 46 (Unai López, min. 65)), Córdoba; and Villalibre.


0-1, Morcillo (min 43); 0-2, Zarraga (min. 76); 1-2, Guardiola (min. 80); 2-2, Zalazar (min. 88).




Román Román (Castilian-Leonés). Yellow to the local Villarrasa.