1×1 of Real Madrid, approved and suspended: Vinicius, Hazard, Bale …

Courtois: Efficient. The Belgian did with the little work he had in the first part, in which he only had to respond to a shot by Lago Jr. that came very heeled. Well placed when Mallorca required his interventions after the break. A clean sheet to get closer to the Zamora trophy.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Carvajal: Good contribution to white attack, accomplished in defense. In the same play, he avoided a goal opportunity against and started another one in favor. The play of Vinicius' first goal arises from his theft in a fight by Dani Rodríguez cutting a counter that Mallorca put together.

Varane: It was squeezed in the first few bars of the game, appearing on several parcels of the field and always with success. He had to be aware of Budimir and solved it, despite the fact that Mallorca insisted.

Ramos: The party allowed the captain to shine. Penalties do not fail and now also direct free kicks. The 2-0 marked him Messi-style.

Mendy: His understanding with Vinicius grows, whose sacrifice in defense greatly facilitated the work of the lateral. At the beginning of the game he put a measured center into the area that Benzema missed at close range. He responded when Pozo was trying to leave by speed.

Valverde: Covering Casemiro's position gives him a tactical discipline that prevents him from fully exploiting his qualities. He stood out for his efficiency to remove and verticality with the ball.

Modric: The pause and the speed of the game at the Croatian's discretion, with practically all the midfield to roam freely. He saw Vinicius boarding school to give him the ball at 1-0. The helm of Madrid. He saw the yellow and the next game against Espanyol is lost. It gave way to Asensio in 71 '.

Bale: Completed first part, which began with a willingness to participate and attentive to its brand. But his influence in the game of Madrid is less and it was diluted. Del Welsh was the first time he scored, in a shot from afar that forced a plastic intervention by Reina. He left his place to Asensio in 71 '.

Hazard: Blurred the Belgian in a position to which he is not accustomed. A wide shot midway through the first part in which he looked for the squad without precision. Replaced by Kroos at 62 '.

Vinicius: He carried the weight of Madrid's danger in attack. At goal, before and after. An offensive burst that put Mallorca in trouble. In a moment before both Valjent covered a shot and a few minutes later a shot that many saw inside crashed into the crossbar. He spared no effort in defense when necessary, a task in which he did not lose sight of Pozo. He left for Brahim in 83 '.

Benzema: Discreet match of the French in the overcrowded white attack. But the gap that he needs to make his magic appear is minimal: Vinicius' shot to the crossbar was a surgical pass from him. Mariano came for him in 83 '.

Kroos: He replaced Hazard at 62 '. Yours is a medicine with immediate effects. His entry changed Madrid into midfield and allowed the white team to have more of the ball, make it circular, combine and triangulate.

Isco: He entered for Modric in 71 '. Very participatory.

Asensio: He replaced Bale in the 71st minute. Little time for the Balearic.

Brahim: He entered in 83 'for Vinicius. He showed spark in the minutes he was on the field. It touched the goal.

Mariano: He took Benzema's place in 83 '. He sought the goal without luck.