1×1 of Atletico: Morata takes off a ballast and João Félix likes

Simeone set the 4-4-2 usual with the novelty of João Felix in the attack and, above all, that of Beautiful on the left side in the place of I gave it, reserved for Liverpool. The team had a good start and clearly dominated in the second half, with good and frequent occasions. This is how the rojiblancos players performed, who made 21 shots.

Shield / Athletic Flag

Oblak: He had more work than was possibly expected. In the 16 ’he made a good stretch to a shot that was complicated by Suso and the next could not do anything to De Jong. In 38 ’he made a miraculous stop on the line to Reguilón and in the following Ocampos he scored a penalty.

Trippier: More shy than on other occasions, he didn't dare to reach the bottom line. Of course, he threw a couple of very good corner kicks for Felipe's two shots. In addition, he committed a penalty on Ocampos in 38 ’. In the second half he was much more daring. He admonished in 76 '. In the addition he gave a scare when in a race he began to limp.

Savic: After a couple of good anticipations in defense, he made a mistake in the 0-1 play, throwing himself to cut a ball and leaving only De Jong. After that action he was more comfortable and won in practically all his duels.

Philip: After two minutes he finished for the first time head first; in 48 ’he did it again, this time brushing the stick. In the 0-1 he was part of the chain failure of the athletic defense. Then he was very sure as always, clearing balls in the most spectacular ways. In the 78 'he avoided a good visiting chance on the ball.

Beautiful: The surprise of eleven, playing as left back. He started lively with good climbs, but then focused more on defending. He fulfilled, although without giving depth for his band. It was the first substituted, in 54 ’.

belt: Placed on the right wing, but with some freedom when Atlético had the ball. He intervened less than on other occasions. His first two pitches crashed in defense. It is at a time when it generates a sense of danger even if things do not go well.

Llorente: Another of the novelties of the eleven. A lot of work in the middle, although less involved in creation. Huge deployment, especially in the second half, hindering the combinations of Seville and constantly recovering balls.

Saul: Located in the double pivot of beginning, it was more participatory with the ball, opening fast to the bands without complicating. He dared with a direct free that, after hitting the barrier, went near the crossbar. After leaving Beautiful, he was delayed to the left side. Even so, some arrivals to the area were allowed. In 87 'he tried it head first.

Koke: Very active and directing all the plays of Atletico in attack. Although it started from the left wing, it ended up moving all over the field. Less accurate than Trippier in the corners. In 2-1, the captain was the one who stole, drove and assisted João.

João Felix: Very plugged in, asking for the ball and moving around the area of ​​the midfielders, very difficult to control because of the rival defense. In the 6th minute he served a filtered pass that left Morata thrown towards the goalkeeper. On his first shot, with some luck because he hit a defender, he scored 2-1. In the second, he also did not hide and tried several distant throws that did not find goal. He will not play in San Mamés because he saw the fifth yellow. Changed in the 80 ', under a row of the Metropolitan to change.

Morata: At 6 minutes he had the first one, but Diego Carlos covered his shot. Then it cost him to have more options, although he pivoted well, unloading the rare passes and causing faults. He also scored the 1-1 penalty to break his 2020 drought. Replaced in 67 ')


Carrasco: He entered 54 ’by Hermoso and put himself on the left. In 64 'he touched the 3-2 with a shot that was poisoned and forced a stop of Vaclik. Shortly after he had one of the clearest, a boat volley soon from within the area that found no goal. Even so, he asked for the ball, tried dribbling and intimidated Sevilla.

Diego Costa: He entered 67 'by Morata. In the first one he had, he finished cross-touching the post. Fighting and pulling unchecks, looking for his best version.

Vitolo: He entered 80 'by João Félix. Leaning to the right and with the team turned to Vaclik, he was quite participatory.