1×1 of Atleti: the failures condemn a team with deficiencies

Atlético jumped into the Allianz Arena with a double pivot formed by Koke and Herrera and putting a lot of pressure on Bayern's exit through Llorente, João Félix and Carrasco until having a golden opportunity through Suárez after a center from Lodi. Bayern was taking control of the game and bottling the team today with phosphorite. And the Germans do not forgive, behind a stick, they took advantage of two errors back to go out like bullets and overtake Oblak. Bayern insistently sought Trippier's side, without remedy to contain Coman and company. With the goals he lulled Atlético to sleep until he ended up subduing him in the second half. The club still has time to look for a pivot.

Oblak: Bayern players were aware after the exhibition of the Slovenian in 2016. The goals were unappealable, powerful shots looking for the stick against which Oblak could do nothing. Practically the two plays that ended with Bayern's shot on goal ended in a goal in the first half, with Coman finishing almost in the small area and Goretzka shooting in the area. In the second it was the same script, an unappealable shot from Tolisso to the squad and a brilliant hand-in-hand from Coman.

Trippier: Overcome by his band, he lived a nightmare night. Coman sought to face him and thus came the first chance for Bayern, through the overflow of the French on his wing and the center for Lewandowski. In the second he left the site to try to stop the German attack without success, with Oblak ultimately having to intervene. In the third time there was no luck, Coman won his back and defined against the Slovenian goal. Also the second goal was forged by his wing, although the German attack caught him in the race and he could do nothing to stop it. His level is worrying, and more considering that there is no other for the position.

Savic: He started the game very safe. Strong in the melee and consistent in the passing game, following the high level with which the season has started. In front were Müller and Lewandowski, probably the best attack today. With the ball it costs him more, but his idea is clear, in case of doubt outside the band rather than risking a loss. Little could do in the goals of the second half.

Felipe: He faced Lewandowski, a colossal striker. Well on the lateral aerial balls, he seriously missed on a compromised pass on the play that started the first German goal. In the fourth, Coman did what he wanted with meters ahead. One of his most suffered nights as a rojiblanco.

I gave it: He joined the attack steadily and as soon as the game started he put a center for Luis Suárez that did not become a goal by centimeters. He was always on his side, seeking to be an offensive solution for Carrasco and João Félix. On defense, Bayern's attack focused on Coman and Trippier's side and suffered less.

Herrera: He had the opportunity in the eleven helped by the loss of Saúl and the inconvenience of Torreira. He started consistently, looking to get the ball out with discretion, oxygenating the game with band changes and pulling the pressure well. As the minutes passed, and as Bayern took over the ball, it became increasingly difficult for them to arrive. In the second goal, Llorente left a compromised ball, but the Mexican could not patch it up. In the second half, Bayern's midfield completely outplayed him. He put a grip, but the superiority was manifest.

Koke: The captain continues to accumulate minutes in the double pivot. The team appreciates him when he has the ball and can break lines, although he accused not having a pivot as an anchor at his side. Always a help for teammates, he was losing steam until he was exhausted and completely overcome by the holes in the middle that Bayern found so well.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Llorente: Physically he was very strong on the right wing, but it cost him a lot with the ball. Very imprecise in passing, in a loss of his Bayern started the counterattack that was the second goal of the Germans. He did not have the expected presence in the game, with a lot of back and forth but very little success.

Carrasco: Very incisive, he is a source of air for Atlético's attack. He sought to combine with João Félix, although he did not hit the shots. The first after a great drop from the Portuguese was easy for Neuer and in the second half he kicked out. Magnificent technical gesture leaving two rivals to put it on Suárez. A collaborator with Lodi in defense, he was losing steam as the minutes passed. If Atlético has continuity through its band, it generates danger.

João Félix: With the ball he is happy, without it he suffers. The two faces that saw each other with his goal, annulled by a positional offside of Suárez or his combinations with Carrasco in the area, but a coldness in a dispute like the one that ended with Bayern's first goal, after losing a counterattack with Kimmich. He likes to fall to the left wing, where if he turns he has all the vision ahead and if he joins Carrasco and Koke he speeds up the game a lot. Simeone works to have defensive continuity throughout the game.

Luis Suarez: He was not successful on the occasions that came to him. The first, he did not reach the ball by millimeters after a powerful center from Lodi and the second finished off a very good center back from Carrasco. It is pure intensity, he hits the centrals, presses and directs the pressure of his teammates. Cholo replaced him when he saw that the game was lost, there is no replacement for '9'.

The changes, with the game lost

Vitolo: He entered to seek to regain a pressure higher. Bayern lowered the piston with their changes and they were not very decisive minutes.

Belt: He jumped on the grass to play as a tip with the game completely uphill. He moved well on his back despite the difference in size with the Bayern centrals.

Lemar: Testimonial minutes, with some interesting diagonal from the right wing.

Torreira: The physical problems with which he ended up in Balaídos were decisive for not seeing him more minutes. Simeone has no more at the pivot, and more with Saúl's annoyances.