1×1 Espanyol: an attack with water pistols

Diego Lopez: The Galician goalkeeper was insecure in some aerial actions, as it was difficult for him to catch the balls. Girona did not give him too much work and solved it with sufficiency although with some trouble. It was not his best afternoon but it had no impact on the result.

Miguelón: One more winger in the first half, in which he reached the baseline on multiple occasions and put inaccurate crosses, yes. His breadth freed Embarba, who played freely. Without the ball, he suffered. In the play of the first goal, his clearance falls short and then does not protect the goal. On his side, Girona insisted with Pablo Moreno and Samu Saiz.

David Lopez: At set pieces, he had a very clear chance to make it 0-1. A frank shot in the small area that did not take a path to one side and crashed into Juan Carlos, the goal. At 1-0 he leaves his zone and causes a space after the loss of Darder. He saw a yellow and will miss the next match.

Cabrera: He returned to the team and kept Stuani at bay, that did lack pace, as he was also returning from injury. Successful in one-on-one duels, he only suffered in the second half when he had to defend more spaces. Well above and remarkable, this time, when he played between the lines.

Pedrosa: More solid defensively than in the first round, even covering his teammates, Gavà's side came in danger from the left although his centers did not find a finisher in most of them. The player lost some balls when they played one-on-one in midfield.

Keidi Bare: The midfielder went from more to less, although without a doubt he was the footballer who made a greater deployment. He could both score 1-1 in a header and cut counterattacks with some fouls or recoveries near the area. He completed a remarkable encounter in a little positional game and more of a round trip.

Darder: Participates little in the game in a Espanyol that prioritizes starting the plays on the sides and then looking inside for the midfielders. But when he comes into contact with the play he improves it. He gave continuity to the game and his changes of orientation left wingers or wingers in favorable situations. However, he was a participant in the 0-1 by not being able to clear a divided ball in conditions.

Embarba: The Madrilenian was reunited after several weeks below his level. The player acted on the inside and on the right, crashed a ball into the post with a beautiful left foot, connected with Puado and Melamed in various actions and worked defensively when the play required it. It was not correct.

Nico Melamed: The midfielder repeated as a starter and had several goal actions. It started from the left but moved freely inside. He combined, aerial floor and left again details of his quality, like a play in which on a tile he left three opponents and finished with intention on goal. He also eased the game when he dropped to receive at midfielder positions.

Handful: He had the first chance of the match, a left foot that went very wide. He did not have the right point of view, and that he moved with intelligence when he had to step on the area, when he fell to the wings and when he came down to receive. The forward was the most sacrificed in the attack on a defensive level.

RdT: The forward could also leave the match with a goal, but Calavera, in a spectacular acrobatics, saved the goal at the head line. It went from more to less, and I look for shots sometimes too slowly.

Wu lei: He left to play the last 12 minutes, with a Espanyol that was already desperately seeking, but the Chinese striker had hardly any opportunities. The parakeet team was blurred in that period.

Merida: He came out to change the course of the meeting, in the final section, but did not have much impact.

Vadillo: He played seven minutes, and failed to connect with the forwards beyond a center without success.