15 possible for the Real in the Cup, 10 First


Real's dream in the Cup continues and today they will reveal a new mystery, their rival in the round of 16, a tie that, like the previous one against Córdoba, will be resolved in a single match and in which they can play against any of the 15 teams that accompany him in the hype.

The draw will start at the Ciudad Deportiva de Las Rozas at 1:00 p.m. but, like the previous one, it will not be a pure draw. In this round, First-class teams will be able to face each other, although the priority is that, as far as possible, the teams of lower category face the most powerful clubs.

In this way, the teams will be divided into three pots: one for the Second B teams, another for the Second B clubs and a third, the most numerous, with the First Division teams.

First, the balls corresponding to the clubs of the bronze division will be drawn to match them with those of First and, immediately afterwards, the same will be done with those of the silver division. Once all the teams in these two categories have their rival, the remaining First teams will be paired with each other.

In the case of the qualifying rounds between two clubs of different categories, the match will be played in the field of the lowest ranked team, while in the pairings between 'First', the tie will be played in the field of the team whose ball has gone in first place.

Between Tuesday and Thursday of next week

The matches will be played on January 26, 27 and 28 and, this time, the matches will be attended by the VAR.

La Real will therefore face this tie just before facing Villarreal at the Estadio de La Cerámica. Navalcarnero, the executioner of Eibar or Alcoyano, who eliminated Real Madrid, are a priori the experts in candy, although in that case the tie would be played at home. Rayo, Almería and Girona, which got rid of Elche, Alavés and Cádiz respectively, are three important Second Division teams with potential that should also be visited.

10 teams survive in the First Division in addition to the Real and any of them could be a rival. They are Barça, Sevilla, Villarreal, Granada, Athletic, Valencia, Betis, Osasuna, Valladolid and Levante.