125 years since the birth of Santiago Bernabéu, mythical president of Madrid

June 8, 1895, just like today 125 years ago, he was born in the Albacete town of Almansa Don Santiago Bernabéu de Yeste. He devoted practically his entire life to Real Madrid, club in which player, coach, delegate, manager and emblematic president. He was also one of the most important figures in Spanish football.

He presided over Real Madrid for 35 years, between 1943 and 1978 (the year of his death at 82 years of age), and promoted the club to the top. Won six European Cups, the Intercontinental, the Little World Cup, the League and the Spanish Cup, among other titles. Five of the six European Cups were consecutive, so the club owns the award. In his memory, Real Madrid celebrates every year the Bernabéu Trophy.

Don Santiago was the man who raised the meringue club from its ashes in the postwar period, when he was mired in a deep crisis that was about to cost him his disappearance, building the phenomenal stadium that bears his name.

Among its most famous phases, the following stand out: “The Real Madrid shirt is white, it can be stained with mud, sweat and even blood, but never with shame”; “When I hear that Madrid has been the team of the regime, I want to shit on the father of who says so. And if I don't do it, it's not because of shyness. I refrain from not giving you a clue. The regime team was always the Aviation Athletic, natural father of Atlético de Madrid ”; “Those who say that I do not want to Catalonia. I love her and admire her a lot, despite the Catalans (…) ”; “There are no young and old players. There are good and bad ”; “As Spain is a country of envy, all our ills come from having been champions so many times.”

A striker striker

Before polishing Real Madrid from the presidency, Santiago Bernabéu lived an extensive and less known stage as a player. It was in the positions of interior and center forward where he proved his worth. His physical strength, scoring ability and total dedication to colors were the predominant notes of his game.

After playing some matches with the Spanish Gymnastics, Bernabéu joined Madrid and debuted in the first team in the 1913-1914 season. Men such as Aranguren, Machimbarrena, Castell or Sotero stood out in that team. His inclusion in that set was a complete success and he immediately became the undisputed starter.

Santiago Bernabéu remained in the Madrid ranks for up to 16 seasons, where marked 68 goals in 79 official matches. If his record as president was absolutely glorious, no less important was that of player. During this stage he achieved nine Regional Championships and one Spanish Cup. He passed away on June 2, 1978. He was also coach of the Real Madrid between 1926 and 1927 after replacing Juan de Cárcer on the bench.


16 Leagues

6 European Cups

6 Spanish Cups

1 Intercontinental Cup

2 Latin Cups

2 Little World Cups


19 Leagues

18 Spanish Cups

6 European Cups

3 Intercontinental

1 Latin Cup