10 reasons to try field hockey for a sport

Are you looking to learn a new sport? Maybe you want your kid to try out for some school teams but are unsure which ones. Well, for both of you, field hockey is a great idea. Field hockey is one of the best sports in the world, and many countries play it. Your child or you can benefit from it in multiple ways. It focuses on health and teaches you a skill that you can turn into a profession if you want to. Field hockey is ideal for people looking to learn a new sport for health benefits or otherwise. It is a powerful and fun sport. If you want to read more benefits about why you should try field hockey, look no further.

Reasons to try field hockey.

It makes you active.

The best and foremost reason to try field hockey is to get active. Exercise is necessary for staying healthy and being active. Field hockey is perfect for you if you would rather play sports than go to the gym or do yoga. It is a fun way to sweat and stay active. Three or four weekly practice sessions help your physical and mental health go a long way.

It improves cardiovascular function.

Essentially, field hockey is a running game. You play it for 70 minutes, and there is running, which requires you to be fit. So, training for the same makes you stronger to keep running on the field for 70 minutes. Whether you are a goalkeeper or a midfielder, you will be running. (The latter runs the most in the game.) Thus, it means you need better cardiovascular health, which the training for the same provides.

Moreover, running while playing field hockey increases the heart rate due to sprinting or bursts of speed. So, when you play more, you get fitter. To start playing field hockey, you also need proper gear. Ritual Hockey has the best equipment, accessories, and gear to start you on your journey to playing field hockey.

It enhances your skill level.

If you want to enhance your skill levels, field hockey is perfect. It is the most skill-based sport. Why? Because moving a ball around using a stick requires precise coordination. You must develop technical skills like flicking, slapping, pushing, etc.

The sport is for everybody

The best part about this sport is that it does not discriminate. Anybody can play field hockey, irrespective of size, gender, or age. This game allows females and males to play together, as there are mixed teams. So, your little one can start playing hockey today if she wants.

It enhances your balance and coordination.

Field hockey makes you a multi-tasker, and moving a ball with a stick requires hand-eye coordination. A player is always in multiple positions. Therefore, you have to react quickly. If you do not, you will lose the opportunity to score. It increases coordination, balance, and agility.

It improves your breathing.

One of the best ways to improve breathing is through sports. Field hockey allows you to run up and down the field. It means you will be using muscular strength and energy. It will help you develop your cardiovascular system by allowing oxygen to pass through your blood. When all this happens, your breathing improves automatically.

It builds your strength.

Another reason to try field hockey is this: It allows you to build strength. To stay healthy and even lose weight, strength-building is necessary. Field hockey strengthens the core and legs, which is perfect for staying healthy and lean.

It promotes communication skills.

It is a team sport. You play with ten other players, requiring constant communication. You learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally to discuss strategies and tactics. Therefore, it allows you to perfect your communication skills while developing problem-solving strategies.

It enhances your mental strength.

One of the best benefits of playing field hockey is its mental benefit. Just like other exercises, it boosts mental health by releasing endorphins. Therefore, it can help reduce negative moods, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, field hockey lets you socialize with other people. Even if you are not playing professionally, you are in a club and make friends. Being around people is undoubtedly necessary for ideal mental health.

It is a high-paying career.

If you plan to play field hockey professionally, the incentives are great. After soccer and cricket, it is the most played game with great pay and benefits.

Making new friends, improving stamina, enhancing coordination, and having a chance to play it professionally are reasons enough to try field hockey. So, let your kid join the field hockey team. You can find a club that teaches the same and enroll in it. It is great fun, which can help you let loose and get healthier.