1-2: Almería does not let Castellón raise its head

Almería added three new points at the Castalia stadium after a 1-2 victory that allows him to move away from the dangerous zone of the classification, into which the Castellon after chaining his fourth consecutive defeat.

The pressure in high areas of the field marked the first bars of a match, with Almería trying to prevent Castellón from developing their game. As a result, speed with the ball was what both teams were trying to achieve. Equality reigned on the field and both were looking for the path of the opposite goal.

First it would be Muguruza who would try for the locals after a good cross from Marc Mateu, who would also put into play a corner kick that he combed Zalatanovic and to which Lapeña did not arrive and who left deviated a few centimeters from Makaridze's goal.

Almería tried to impose their theoretical superiority by quickly going against them. A Carvalho center was finished off by Sadiq also adjusted to the post of the Castellon and Samu would try from the edge of the area with a deflected shot.

Lcontroversy would come in the final bars of the first part. Buñuel took the ball by cutting it, according to Castellón at fault on César Díaz. After a great play, Corpas managed to open the scoring with a dry shot inside the area. Prieto Iglesias and the VAR would review the play but they decided to concede the goal due to local protests that led to the expulsion of the coach, Óscar Cano and the yellow card to his second, Elíes Martí.

As the second half starts, Almería surprised Castellón by increasing their advantage on the scoreboard with a counter ended by Villalba with a shot from inside the area that Whalley could not stop.

The second visitor goal would remove the complexes from Castellón, which was more willing to seek the goal of Makaridze. The locals introduced three changes that would give their team a lot of air.

Castellón turned on the rival goal. A continuous siege that would have its reward with a goal from Jorge Fernández that cut the distance after saving the goalkeeper's exit and two footballers sending a balloon with which he would score his first goal this season.

He kept trying the Castellon but he did not find the way of the goal. Neither does the Almeria, who thought more about maintaining the result to get their second consecutive victory, while the Castellón have four defeats in a row.

(+) See the summary and the goals of the match:

1 – CD Castellón: Whalley; Muguruza, Satrústegui (Cubillas, m.84), Lapeña, Gálvez; Gus Ledes (Arturo, m.54), Rubén Díez (Sené, m. 54); César Díaz (Jorge Fernández, m.54), Marc Mateu, Fidalgo and Zalatanovic (Jordi Sánchez, m.62).

2 – UD Almería: Makaridze; Buñuel, Centelles, Cuenca, Maras; Morlanes (Chumi, m.77), Samu (Lazo, m.65); Corpas (Petrovic, m.65), Carvalho (César, m.65), Villalba (Aketxe, m.76) and Sadiq.

Goals: 0-1, m.42: Corpas. 0-2, m.47: Villalba. 1-2, m.61: Jorge Fernández.

Referee: Prieto Iglesias (Navarre Committee). He admonished Gálvez and the assistant coach, Elíes Martí, for CD Castellón and Samu and Petrovic for Almería. He expelled coach Óscar Cano and Marc Mateu for the Castellón team.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the 9th round of Second Division at the Castalia stadium behind closed doors.