(0-2) Atlético wins in Balaidos but does not clear up doubts

The match of Balaidos left, once again, a

Atlético de Madrid
which is an authentic Russian doll. A team that has many other teams inside. A Athletic of great moments and minor versions. Simeone always defends that he insists to his footballers that the matches of the Athletic They are divided into 15-minute ‘mini-matches’ that must be overcome.

And nothing like that mosaic of pieces to understand that the team of the Cholo he keeps looking for a regularity that he can't find. His games are a mountain of peaks of play, lucid moments and feelings of power, decision, determination to dominate the games. And others of impotence, complexes and neglect to be dominated and suffer. As all of you will say. No, as not all. In the case of Athletic irregularity since last year is already a hallmark.


And if the high peaks were not so high, as to glimpse the potential of a team with such quality and such good players, no one would regret when the lowest moments arrive. The problem with all this is that the mattress team of recent times is a coin. If heads, the opponent looks like a wimp. And if tails come up, because in the best of cases things like those of Huesca or the Villarreal; and at worst … those of the Leipzig. The fact is that those of Simeone they took all three points with an initial goal of Suarez and a last of Carrasco. That could seem enough arguments to determine that Atlético was much superior. The truth is that it was not. The doubts are still there. The feeling is that it is more than he tries to show. A result that serves to add to the expectation that those of the Cholo decide what you want to be.

He Atlético de Madrid drew on the teachings of Jonny
Lawrence, you know, now that it's so fashionable. Hit hard, hit first. And it struck when no one had put anything on either of the two plates of the scale yet. A beautiful and precise first-touch play in which Koke began to show that he was in clairvoyant mode. The vallecano found in depth Coast, he gave it to the first touch to a Manu Sanchez It looked more like an end than a side, and the stonemason put it on a tray for Suárez to shoot.

He Atlético de Madrid came out intense, biting his rival, wanting to forget the many doubts left by the two draws against Huesca Y Villarreal. Torreira positional five and Koke leading the baton. With a Lemar more intoned than on other occasions, the eleven of Athletic
left a Coast behind of Suarez
. An interesting option because the Hispanic-Brazilian can fight many balls and drag many markers so that the Uruguayan lives better. Interesting what the Lizard, a formula to reinvent itself now that its place is not unquestionable.

By the way, interesting debut of Torreira. A five more positional than its predecessor, academic of the simple and accurate pass, less exuberant in its forms, but that allows its dance partner, if as is the case of Koke, build the game with more sense than other options that usually handle Simeone in that area.

After the initial hit, the Celtic, in great need, he settled down and started carburing. The first 25 minutes left two chances of the Celtic, a shot of Blades and, above all, an auction of Mine free kick, both caught by Oblak. But above all a play on the right of the rojiblanca defense, in which Blades saw a large uncheck of Wave, who put her at the far post where Beltran appeared to send her to the post.

In this stretch of the game, all the good that the Athletic At startup, it fell apart in a stretch. And the Celtic he cheered at his rival. A good play with a filtered pass left Santi Mina alone, before a Oblak who took the ball from him like a handball goalkeeper, with his foot. The Slovenian's usual quota of miracles.

They were the worst moments, only with the oxygen balloon from a corner kick from Lemar that went to the crossbar. The French has not scored for more than a year. It would have had flats if he did it as an Olympic goal. But we already say that from there to the end of the first half, the Athletic suffered in several other actions, a shot from Fontan, an almost Chilean from Murillo


Started the Athletic with a good opportunity that ended in bad news. Pass in depth, first, of an exalted Koke, which left a Coast who saw Suarez on the furthest stick. The Uruguayan lacked some speed to get to the ball earlier and have a better position. Finished forced, only before Villar and the ball went high.

The bad news did not come from the failure but from the muscular injury of Coast in this action. Simeone put into Joao Felix in its place and also gave entrance to Philip by Manu Sanchez, to put Beautiful of lateral because the canterano had gone from more to less and had suffered in some actions.

The party entered a valley in which the Athletic he sheltered himself with a little more meaning and less suffering. He she left Suarez, which came from playing with Uruguay and especially thinking about him Bayern, since with the injury of Coast to Simeone He only has a pure '9' left in the Uruguayan figure (and yes, we count on Saponjic still in the template). They entered Carrasco Y Llorente. Left a Lemar that left good feelings although he is still not a player that makes a difference. We will see if it is finally recoverable or not.

He Athletic finished without a reference nine and with some scare in his goal before the arreones of a Celtic who was also seen to lack confidence. The team of Oscar suffers from lack of goal foul. If it's not Blades… The mattress box touched the second goal in the 75th minute, a long pass to belt that the Argentine turned into a center for Llorente in the area, the Madrid native turned around, hit it hard and down so that Villar respond with a great stop.

He Athletic hit at the end, after a big kick from Joao Felix that crashed on the crossbar and that riveted Carrasco. A goal that may be able to mask the feelings but the truth is that the Celtic put in more trouble than the potential of the rojiblanco team would deserve.

(+) See the summary and the goals of the match:

By the way, regrettable epilogue for him Athletic with the injury of Torreira, which was completely emptied. The extent of it will have to be seen. With that and with everything he had the arrests to end the game, very hurt. His father already said, he is a warrior.


Celta de Vigo: Iván Villar; Carreira (Veiga, 83 '), Araujo, Murillo, Fontán, Olaza; Tapia, Beltrán (Emre Mor, 62 '), Santi Mina (Denis Suárez, 62'), Nolito; Iago Aspas.

Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Hermoso, Manu Sánchez (Felipe, 49 '); Torreira, Koke, Correa (Herrera, 75 '), Lemar (Carrasco, 64'); Luis Suárez (Llorente, 64 ') and Diego Costa (Joao Félix, 49').

Goals: 0-1, Suárez (Min.5), 0-2, Carrasco (Min.95)

Referee: Martínez Munuera (C. Valenciano). He admonished Hermoso (Min.18), Diego Costa (Min.36), Beltrán (Min.41), Nolito (Min.62), Felipe (Min.70), Aspas (Min.80), Herrera (Min.86 ); expelled Óscar García (Min. 96)

Incidents: Match played in Balaídos. No spectators.