Zuckerberg arrives in Mallorca with controversy and a $300 million megayacht

The Balearic Islands have already begun to receive the first famous people in love with their coasts but also the most impressive yachts in the world. This weekend, without going any further, ‘Launchpad’, the ship of Marck Zuckerberg, owner of Meta. It was a family trip to celebrate the 70th birthday of his father, Ed, and the businessman wanted such privacy that he could have even broken maritime law to avoid being located.

According to Luxury Launches, a media specialized in luxury boats, the American businessman’s Launchpad turned off the location transponders to secretly sail from Florida to the Balearic Islands. Both the megayacht and its support ship, Wingman, deactivated the mandatory location systems (AIS) for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), since these AIS transponders transmit key information about the vessels, such as their course and speed, thus avoiding accidents. .

A privacy that Zuckerberg and his family have only enjoyed while sailing, as the imposing ‘Launchpad’ has not gone unnoticed in Mallorca. Valued at $300 million, it is 118 meters long and has capacity for 24 passengers and 48 crew members. Such is its size that it occupies position number 45 in the ranking of the largest yachts in the world. She was built just two years ago in the Netherlands and designed by Espen Øino International. She also has a support boat, the Wingman, 67 meters long, with capacity for 20 crew members and a space reserved for the heliport. Their maintenance amounts to $30 million a year, a tip for Zuckerberg, whose fortune amounts to $176.3 billion.

The Zuckerberg family continues to enjoy their vacation, oblivious to the commotion. This Sunday they were photographed with funny t-shirts to celebrate the patriarch’s birthday and his son congratulated him with an emotional message on social networks: “Happy Father’s Day to the man who started and continues to inspire our entire family. We are also celebrating his 70th birthday and “It was truly amazing to hear the grandkids (at least the ones old enough) take turns telling Dad all the ways he makes sense in their lives last night at dinner.”