Zubizarreta: “Messi already has the decision in his head”

Andoni Zubizarreta, former goalkeeper of Athletic Y Barça, and former sports director of the Barça until 2015, he spoke in Catalunya Radio about the end of The Cartuja but, above all, the future of Messi. It was interesting to know the opinion of Zubizarreta, who knew the Argentine inside, and that he considers that Messi already knows what he will do beyond his if he lifts his 35th title in Seville or not: “Messi has earned the right to think and decide. The president has already said that he would do everything possible to keep him going.. From there, if you decide to continue, then wonderful. And if not, we will have to keep playing. And if he decides to leave, and although I know that some will propose to withdraw the shirt, someone will have to play with the ten of the Barça quarry. Because life goes on “.


Zubizarreta deepened his reasoning: “In the process in which we make our decisions, the things that happen to you influence. They are elements that add up, but I think that Messi already has the decision more or less taken in his head. The Cup final is part of those elements that help you confirm. But I don't think it is decisive. He's a veteran and we've all had days when we'd quit football. There are days when you take the car and you get a click … On the day in Athens, with Milan 4-0, he did it to me. Then I thought that things changed and that I was left … But 24 hours later I told my wife that you had to find a team … Messi is a footballer in the old term, he is not a marketing product. He is old enough to know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, the point is that you feel good in it. Barça“.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

On the final, did not get wet: “In the Athletic-Barça, I always win and I always lose. From the cool part, whoever wins, I win. My club, my team, I've always explained it, is the Athletic. Basically my team is where Iribar is. And from there, I know what it would mean for the fans, for the people, to win the title, with the addition of being in Europe. But I know that if the Athletic I have 40% of my heart that will not be happy, starting with Koeman“Nor did he bathe among the greats of the moment: “Haaland is a great player, Mbappé is extraordinary; and Neymar is what he is, one of the great greats”.