The Zodiac CN At. Barceloneta was left at the gates of the LEN Champions League final this Thursday when they fell (10-12 after penalties) against the host Novi Belgrad, in the semifinals of the ‘Final 8’ in Belgrade.

Elvis Fatovic’s side, who beat JUG Dubrovnik on Wednesday with an intense 11-9 score, fell in the cruelest way in the semifinals, in a penalty shootout, and they will have to settle for fighting for bronze.

Against the host, the Spanish team once again had a difficult bone, with a first set of few goals (1-1). The second was for the Zodiac, but Novi Belgrad’s response was a 1-4 that put Fatovic’s men on the ropes.

In that last section, without success in the superiorities, Barceloneta used defense and a great Unai Aguirre under the sticks to force penalties with an 8-8, where, however, the host was more successful to win the ticket to the final.