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Zoca, Pelé's brother, died: the little-known story of the footballer who lived in his shadow

Eric Murphy



They grew up together in in Three Coraçoes, in the state of Minas Gerais, and soon Pele began to lead the way in soccer. It was not yet the star that crowned Brazil in 1958, 1962 Y 1970, but a matchless magic was seen in his feet. His younger brother always admired him, and his passion for the ball also opened the doors of Saints.

With only 17 years, O King managed to lead his country to glory. It was in the world from Sweden, when he shone with his talent and speed. So when Zoca tried to continue the career of his referent, The São Paulo club opened the doors for him with the hope of having another international star. However, his brother was always in the shade and failed to take off. Few remember that Jair Arantes do Nascimento He was also a footballer. His brief journey through the Brazilian stadiums was forgotten, overshadowed by Edson's remarkable career.

"With much sadness in my heart, I report that my dear brother Jair Arantes do Nascimento passed away tonight in Santos, in the hospital where he was being treated for prostate complications Where was it fighting against cancer for over a year. May God receive you in heaven and comfort our family, "wrote Pelé in his account Twitter with the pain caused by the loss.

Zocaborn on July 22, 1942, fought against a prostate cancer and he was admitted to a hospital on the coast of the Brazilian state of São Paulo. During his youth he tried to follow in the footsteps of his brother in the São Paulo group (1960s), but shortly after he gave up after playing just 15 games and scoring four goals. Subsequently, it became a advisor to the triple world championto whom he managed several of his companies.

From the Brazilian entity they also sent a statement with the memory of the past of Zoca, when he wore the mythical shirt that his brother inherited from him. "Jair Arantes do Nascimento, Zoca, brother of our King, passed away this Wednesday night, at the age of 77 years. Zoca even performed at the base of Peixão when I was younger. We support with feeling our idol Pelé and all his beloved family. Rest in peace, Zoca. Thanks for everything!"Was read from the official account of the Saints.

Zoca he was also part of the team he put together Pele during his childhood in the neighborhood popularly known as Ameriquinha. However, fate separated them when the striker joined the lower divisions of the team of the Baquinhowhere he was trained by Waldemar de Brito, one of the figures that represented Brazil in the 1934 World Cup. After a brief stint in futsal, Pelé quit his job at a shoe factory, where he earned a salary of $ 2 a day, to join the Saints. The teenager who came to the entity of Saint Paul He forged a story full of successes until he became a legend. And in his shadow was always his brother Zoca.

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