Real Madrid will be played on Wednesday in London against Chelsea (9:00 p.m.) for the pass to the semifinal of the Champions League. Zidane has several doubts regarding that match.

Sergio Ramos and Mendy

Sergio Ramos He has not played a game with Real Madrid since March 16. Without competition rhythm and just out of an injury, from the beginning it seems that he will stay on the bench, but being Ramos and with the loss of Varane, could be headline. Even if Militao and Nacho have perfectly covered his low and Zidane must decide what to do with the captain.

Mendy He has also not played for a long time and has just come out of an injury. Everything indicates that in his case he will start because Zidane has no more guarantees to play on the left side. This Marcelo, but his performance leaves many doubts and he will arrive in London on Wednesday after being tomorrow, Tuesday, at a polling station in the elections to the Community of Madrid.

Defense of four or five

Zidane You must decide whether to play a defense of four or five against Chelsea. The French coach can bet on the three centrals, Ramos, Militao and Nacho, with Mendy down the left wing and Odriozola on the right. The other option is to play with four behind going to Nacho to the right side and Ramos pairing with Miitao.


Hazard He started against Osasuna and showed some detail of great quality, but the big question is if he is ready to play against Chelsea in a game in which a pass to the Champions League final is at stake. What is clear is that if it is okay, Zidane He is going to play because he trusts Hazard a lot.

Fede Valverde

Fede Valverde He is the great unknown at Real Madrid. He still does not test negative in the PCR test and Zidane is waiting to know if he can count on him for London. If he can finally play, the Uruguayan could reinforce the midfield, despite not playing since April 18.


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