Suffered but savored Zidane the victory of their own achieved in the last minutes after a match in which they had to use the maximum from the board to resolve all the obstacles that existed before and during the match.

The red controversy

“I don't know if the referee has been decisive. We didn't play a great game but we got a good result. The Atalanta

Performance of the rival and assessment of the match

“Today was a bit uncomfortable in the sense that we couldn't find the spaces and it cost us a bit more. Although in the end the most important thing for us was the result ”.

Isco's ownership

“The presence of Isco It was to take the ball from them, that Isco was between the lines and search the depth with Asensio Y Vinicius”.

Play rehearsed on goal

“The play of Mendy yes it was a rehearsed play but the one who had to shoot was not Ferland, although he has scored and that is why we are happy ”.

Mendy's goal

“With the right it is stronger but with the left it is more precise.”

Isco's future after his tenure

Isco He is our player and it is true that he had not played much but he has done well and we know what he can give us. He gives everything on the pitch and we are happy about it ”.


“They do not suppose anything. We have to continue with what we are doing. It is true that there are many casualties but we have the players we have here ”.


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