Zidane appeared before the media to analyze the stumble of the whites in La Cerámica (1-1). Madrid went ahead with a goal from Mariano, but ran out of gas and Villarreal ended up drawing a penalty. These are the impressions of the Madrid coach.

What do you think of the point scored by the team? Why did you remove Mariano?

It tastes like little. We deserved much more today for the game we played. I was annoyed by the effort of the boys. And what about Mariano, it's a long time without playing, he was exhausted.

Is it true that Isco has asked you to leave?

No, nothing. We are not going to talk about what happens inside. But Isco is a Madrid player, he stays here, he's with us and we don't have to talk.

Has Madrid added a point or has it stopped adding two?

We lose two, clearly.

Was Odergaard substituted because he couldn't take it anymore?

Yes of course. There was a lot of fatigue. But the effort of the players has been tremendous and there were options to add the three points. 'It was a shame.

How are you, how are you handling the criticism you are receiving?

I have the same illusion and it will always be. Do not worry. You continue with what you are doing and I with my work.

How much does Hazard have left?

Hazard is. He has not played for a long time and you have to manage the minutes well. But he is already with us and well.

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