Asensio, Benzema and Hazard, were the three men who were called to mark an era in this second stage of Zidane at the head of Madrid. The French coach made his intentions clear when he lined up this trident in the first friendly of the US preseason against Bayern. Then Asensio's injury cut them short. Very few positive things can be rescued from this crisis caused by the coronavirus. At least, Zidane recovers that idea and, with the resumption of the championship, will release trident. The three have not yet coincided in the attack in the official match.

One of the main ills of Real Madrid until the halt due to the pandemic was the lack of goal. If Zidane's team averaged more than three goals per game in the double season, this abnormal campaign was not exceeding two per game. After the break, the coach recovers two of the men who were called to supply most of the 50 goals that went with the transfer of Cristiano, Hazard and Asensio. Based on the figures, Mallorcan and Belgian added 28 goals in 2017-18 (11 and 17 respectively) and 27 goals in 2018-19 (six Asensio, 21 Hazard). The numbers come out, also taking into account the increase in the scoring capacity of Benzema after Cristiano's departure. The Frenchman has scored 24% and 30% of Madrid's goals in the two seasons since Cristiano left and in the latter's last, for example, he only made 8%.


Asensio's injury was a major setback for Zidane's plans. The coach even took a sudden turn when he saw that Bale was not leaving Madrid. A Welsh too contrasted piece, in the absence of Asensio, not to use it. Nor was there much more to build the attack. For Zidane, Rodrygo is a midfielder, Lucas Vázquez a supporting actor and Vinicius has no goal. So (before Asensio's injury) the idea of ​​the BBH (Bale, Benzema and Hazard) began to take hold. This is demonstrated by the fact that it was his bet for the first great game of the season, against PSG in the Parc des Princes. But he was too ambitious and placed James alongside Casemiro and Kroos. It fell 3-0 with a crash. And, even so, Zidane traced the same eleven in the next game, in a whole Sánchez Pizjuán (0-1 this time). The coach repeated the trident against Atlético in Liga (0-0), another great game. This time with Casemiro-Valverde-Kroos. And it worked … But Bale and Hazard's subsequent injuries didn't help that trident (BBH) consolidate.

Now Zidane returns to his initial idea. Asensio, Benzema and Hazard, a trident that will serve as a transition until Madrid undertakes the signing of Mbappé in the summer of 2021 and that Haaland can come in 2022 (When the verbal agreement entered into by his representative, Minoi Raiola, with Dortmund, for him to leave by a reasonable amount and when, in addition, Benzema ends his contract). That is another question, the Madrid of the future. In the present, After recovering from Asensio and Hazard's injuries, Zidane debuts a trident with the two of them and with Benzema and with them he will try to win LaLiga.

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