Zarzuela denies Belén Esteban after ensuring that Queen Letizia will undergo surgery for her broken toe

Mrs. Letizia presided over the Banco Santander solidarity awards through the Euros on your payroll initiative, with the assistance of the entity’s president, Ana Botín. At the event, which took place at the Boadilla del Monte headquarters this Tuesday, June 11, Letizia and Belén Esteban coincided. At her meeting, as Belén herself recounted in her television program, It’s not like we were shhh, the Queen told him that “they have to operate on her.” However, a source from Zarzuela denies Belén on this point.

The town princess, what coincided with Doña Letizia on the anniversary of the newspaper The reason Last November, he greeted her with self-confidence: “I respected my turn to take the photo. When I saw her with the shirts we kissed twice, I asked her how her foot is,” she revealed on her program. During the brief greeting they posed for a photo that Belén shared after her on her social networks. Next to them is the Minister of Inclusion, Elma Saiz.

Zarzuela denies that the Queen is going to undergo surgery to undergo surgery on her finger, which was broken in a domestic accident at the beginning of May. Due to this fracture, since then, she has been wearing loose-fitting sports shoes to avoid pressure on the toes of her right foot. The Queen has maintained her in-person agenda, as announced.