The English Watford, the club that owns the sports rights of Luis Suárez, a player who is on loan at Real Zaragoza, has refused to extend this transfer, which would imply not being able to play the Promotion promotion to First, as explained by the president of Real Zaragoza, Christian Lapetra.

In principle, and after the coronavirus crisis, the Aragonese team managed to prolong the transfer of the Colombian player until August 5, when, considering the delays in the promotion promotion competition due to the positives in various teams, going to extend beyond that date.

This has caused the British team to refuse to extend the loan contract, despite the fact that the player, according to the Zaragoza president, wants to play in the promotion phase to Primera.

For this reason, the board of directors of Real Zaragoza has met this Friday and the president has indicated that if the team cannot count on the player it will be “an attempt against the integrity of the competition”.

Lapetra, in the club's official media, explained that since the resumption of the competition in mid-June and until its end two weeks ago, Real Zaragoza has maintained a “deep respect” for the rules that have been adopted for the return to football but that the news received in relation to Watford's refusal to extend Luis Suárez's loan contract beyond August 5, despite the fact that the player wants to play, represent an attack on the integrity of the competition.

“As of today, we do not know the date of the playoff dispute or the rival we must face, but Real Zaragoza is already harmed today. We consider it incomprehensible that at this point, the appropriate measures have not been adopted or taken to guarantee the end of the competition, ”said the Zaragoza leader.

He also explained that Real Zaragoza wants to play and that they want to gain promotion in the playoff but that they want to do it “on equal terms and with all the guarantees.”

“We demand the involvement of sports organizations so that all necessary measures are taken to guarantee the integrity of the playoff dispute. Anything that is not that Real Zaragoza can play with all of its available squad will mean a adulteration of it and the club, obviously, will take the measures it deems appropriate, ”he concluded.


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