Doctors Ángel Ruiz Cotorro, doctor of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, and Antonio Zapatero, deputy minister of Public Health and Plan Covid-19 of the Community of Madrid, declared this Saturday that “they do not see problems” so that the tennis players return to play soon on the slopes individually. Ruiz Cotorro, trusted doctor for Rafael Nadal and the Spanish Davis Cup and Federation Cup team, spoke of his own personal experience with the coronavirus, which had him seventeen days admitted to a hospital.

“I spent a few first days annoyed, I came to the hospital with pneumonia, loss of saturation, and I had difficult and critical moments one weekend. I got over it, but I'm here, and in the end I think this is going to be a life experience, “he said. “Now I have been home for four long weeks but I am physically weak. There are many things altered And if I force, I can't stand, “confessed Ruiz-Cotorro, who believes that” we are going to be living with the virus for a season. “

On the return of tennis players to the courts of clubs, academies and high-performance centers, Ángel Ruiz Cotorro confessed that it will be “relatively easy” to play again. “The measures should be very strict for the return, but it should also be noted that those who return must have a good physical preparation and it is advisable to pass a medical examination,” he said.

Antonio Zapatero, director of the IFEMA hospital in Madrid, who closed on May 1, was presently in the same line and is currently deputy minister of Public Health and Plan Covid-19 of the Community of Madrid. “Tennis has a number of advantages because when playing, a large distance is maintained between one and the other. His would be to go dressed in sports to the venue, wash his hands with an alcoholic solution and with his washed hands take the racket and play. What we could not do is play doubles, but for the individual I do not see fault in phase 1, “confessed Zapatero, who for a month and a half led the IFEMA hospital and acknowledged that those” six weeks seemed six months. “

On the subject of soccer, he stressed that he declared that “it is not recommended that soccer return” from a health point of view due to the probability of contagion that exists in a contact sport. “It is a sport in which there is contact, in which footballers spit and in a corner, for example, twenty people get together in little space.”

At IFEMA “We had a hard time, but we helped many people to go home and the work was worth it,” said Zapatero, who assured that “if things are done well, in the future it will not be necessary for more IFEMA.” “The situation in Madrid is more controlled now. There are few new cases and of the revenue by the Covid-19 the seventy percent they are people related to a previous complication “, revealed Dr. Zapatero, in a talk organized by the Madrid Tennis Federation.

For Antonio Zapatero, new cases can arise in three ways: “nursing homes, infected toilets -about twenty percent- and people who are not doing confinement well. ” “To get back to normal life, we don't have to be in a hurry. You have to go slowly and appeal to citizens, but now we have to take measures so that cases do not appear again, “said Zapatero, who said that wearing a mask in closed places or if there are people around is” recommended “.


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