Yulen Pereira signs an exclusive to tell everything about Anabel Pantoja: “She talks about serious things”

The fencer opens Pandora’s Box just a month after his break with Anabel Pantoja. Despite having said actively and passively that she would not talk about what happened in her relationship with the little pantojita girl, Yulen Pereira He has accepted a juicy check to give his version of what happened. Her interview will be released next Wednesday.

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According to Kiko HernandezAnabel has reason to worry: “I know everything that has been told. There is cane. From what has been told to what he is going to tell…”has said. “It addresses serious issues including the relationship between Anabel and El Negro”.

Hours after the news came to light, Yulen has returned to the Mediaset sets, specifically to that of survivors. The athlete, who has just competed in the United States, this Thursday became the defender of his mother, Arelys, and has dodged questions from Jorge Javier Vazquez with the same mastery that wields the sword: “I’m fine, I’ve been at my best for a month, with a lot of competition, but I’m fine,” he replied. “I’m seeing you coming. No, I don’t have any feelings. I just want to have fun, be happy and do my thing.”