the father of yoyas explodes and threatens the press who are watching the house where, presumably, he is hiding Carlos Navarrofled from Justice after being sentenced to prison for ill-treatment against his ex-wife, Fayna Bethencourt. The father, who shows where his son has inherited the violent genes from, has made his intentions clear: “If I do my job, you both go forward,” he snapped at the reporter from Fiesta, Arabella Otero and the cameraman who accompanied her.

Mediaset reporters have been watching Navarro’s family home for several days, where all the investigations indicate that he could be hiding there, since he has been seen in various establishments in the town. It is a private property from which Navarro’s father has emerged as a “miura” to rebuke and threaten reporters.

The Fiesta reporter has recounted how they have experienced very tense moments during the confrontation with Yoyas’ father, who has been in search and capture for more than a hundred days. The journalists have gone to the place where they have been receiving information and indications about the movements of Carlos Navarro for days.

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The family of the fugitive, his father and two sisters, went to this second home that he owned and it was when the man violently confronted the television crews, saying that there was no one there at all, despite that the press had seen movement in the property; specifically two dogs that are directly related to Carlos Navarro, a car, which would belong to Yoyas, and blinds that went up and down.

It was during that visit to the place that, out of his mind, Carlos Navarro’s father threatened the reporters: “As I do my job right now, both of you are going forward… right now… You’ve been here since yesterday fucking around…” . Faced with the refusal of the journalists, the father of Yoyas has not bitten his tongue: “Well, they would be other shit…”.

After Arabella has reminded him that his son is in search and capture, the man has sentenced very angrily, “You leave my family alone… as long as you take a picture of me, asshole…”.

Call to the Mossos d’Esquadra

The program has called the Mossos d’Escuadra to denounce the possible location of Carlos as a fugitive from Justice, and that his colleagues displaced there were being threatened. The agent who answered diverted the call to 112, without confirming that they would take any action in this regard.

The program has called the indicated emergency telephone number and finally, more than half an hour later, a patrol car has approached the house, but only because of the threats suffered by the television crew, in no case considering the possibility that they could find to a man on the run from Justice, and more when it comes to such a media character.

As the reporter has explained, the police action has only consisted of approaching and verifying identities: “Two patrol cars came and we identified ourselves, and Carlos Navarro’s father. We have told them that we have seen movements in the house, and they played on the telephone , because without a court order they can’t access it,” he said.

The mossos spokesmen have explained to the program that it is normal that if there is knowledge that a criminal is in a specific place, “the police are called, and calling is what has to be done. But if the indication is that is inside private property, you cannot enter. In this case, it would not be a cover-up crime because they are parents and siblings. It is a cover-up when the crime is very serious and it would not be criminalized, they did not participate in the crime of abuse.”