The center-back, who was grateful to Lucho, said he was “euphoric” at being able to go to the World Cup.


Laporte, celebrating a goal against Italy

David Ramos / Other Sources

Aymeric Laporte he will fulfill the dream of playing a World Cup if things don’t go too far. And everything, because Luis Enrique decided to summon him when he had never been.

“What can I tell you about him. He brought me here. I am super grateful and the truth is that you only need to see what we have done lately to see what it brings us. You can see in a documentary that the message is very positive in all aspects, “the defender emphasized about Lucho.

And the result, pure emotion. “I am euphoric. Very happy to go to Qatar”, said Laporte, who insisted that “it has not been easy. We have fought it to the end. We have proven to be a great team. We knew it would be difficult, since I have arrived I have not seen an easy match. All teams cause problems.”

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