Tenerife analysis. “It is a balanced team, very organized. A typical Ramis team that usually uses a 4-4-2. Very solid defensively. It travels very well, with circulation and with midfielders such as Aitor Sanz and Álex Corredera, who are very experienced and who give a high rhythm to the game. It also has unbalanced players in the attack such as Mollejo, Elady, Enric Gallego, Shashaua …

How are Paulino, Kevin and Escassi, who were touched. “There are two training sessions left, the one in the morning and the one on Monday morning to assess his situation a bit. But we believe that they will be able to be ”.

How is Sekou? “Everyday better. He is a player who has had many intermittencies. We want him to take training sessions and minutes of competition so that he can increase his pace and his level ”.

The Cartagena party. Three goals conceded for two fouls and a penalty at least of doubtful invoice. “Refereeing is very difficult. Terribly difficult, There are situations that we even see on video and we can be debating them for a long time and agree, or not, with what is indicated. It is clear that there are situations and plays from the other day where there is no contact and it can be seen in the image itself ”.

Víctor Gómez will be out because he is with the Under 21. Do you think that the Second round should be postponed the same as the First one for this reason? “Whenever there is a situation of this type, there is a debate that the Second Division, the Smarbank League does not stop because it gives it more importance and that it has greater visibility in this break. But I believe that the fact that he does not stop is to adulterate the competition. It affects us in one player, but there are teams that affect several players. And it is not the same to play against a player with his full potential than without them. The competition should stop ”.

Two games in a row at home against Tenerife and Las Palmas. “The important thing is always the next game. It does not matter whether it is outside or at home. And the important thing is that the team, at the end of the season, has the maximum possible points to be as high as possible. The team is more comfortable at home and we feel very strong with our fans. It is the path we have to take. We are seeing that the trends, from the return of the public to the stadiums, have reinforced the teams at home. We follow this trend and it lasts all season.

Malaga generates many chances, but has no aim. “It’s a matter of time. We have a lot of faith that our offensive players are going to score a lot of goals. You have to define each day. We have quality. If we do not have a greater number of goals in favor, it is by decision-making. It is where we need to improve. In making decisions in the final stretch, to have that pause, We have to fine tune. The defensive responsibility and that of the goal belongs to the whole team. It is true that our midfielders and wingers are providing offensive capacity and our forwards, less. We have confidence in them ”.

Is Chavaría in a summons situation? It is not yet. You have one week left. He has started running and is working with Toni Tapia (recuperator). “

And how is Hicham? “He is already training and is feeling better every day. We have a plan with him. And we want it to work so that he can compete again and see the Hicham we all love and remember. He has only been with the group for a week and it is hasty that he can be there on Monday ”.

What’s the plan? “Have some patience and that he looks to compete, has security and feels good. We want to help him to give the best performance and that nothing will happen to him ”.

Criticism after the defeat in Cartagena and the poor results away from home. “It is normal. We are in Malaga and this requires a high demand. The only thing we can say is that we are going to work to death to get the next three points and achieve a series of victories. Criticism is normal. We are at Malaga and we all want to be as high as possible. We are ambitious and demanding and it is the good thing to be in a club like this “

Pressure. “The demand is maximum and equality in the category, terrible. Three points get you closer to the playoff or put you down. The team has room for improvement and there is a world of days left. Being in a place like this has these things and you have to know how to live with the pressure of being in a place like Malaga ”.

More than the pressure for what is said in the press or networks. “It is a roller coaster of emotions. Veteran people, who have been in football for a longer time, we stay a bit on the sidelines of everything and we focus on improving and seeing what we can correct. Young people like to listen and read everything. Flattery is weak and criticism can affect you more than usual when you are young. They must learn and the whole team is also in that learning process. We are one of the youngest teams in the category. There are La Real B, Mirandés, Almería and us. We are a very young team with a lot of room for growth and many players are in their first year and had not played with an audience in the stands. Juande told me the other day that he had a pack of matches and that this was his first experience with the public in the stands. The situation has changed for everyone. We are in a place like Malaga, a spectacular club and city and where you have to know how to live with this pressure. If not, you cannot be a player or coach of this club ”.