He played five games for Athletic. Do you have a little distaste that you have not played more?

It was a very nice year because we played in the Cup final against Barça. I was very comfortable. It is clear that playing five games and 60 minutes in a year is hard because you always want to contribute something more, but it has been in the most prestigious team and where it could best be. I am happy and grateful to Athletic.

Aduriz was in the Nuevo Vivero watching the final.

Yes, and in the semifinal there was Igor Gabilondo. I met Aduriz at the Aurrera de Vitoria. I have played against him and we have a very good friendship. I am very happy that Adu came to see us and in the end was able to enjoy the promotion.

You have been a forward and now you are a coach. What do you have to do to get a player like Aduriz who scores a lot of goals per season?

It is not a matter that there are forwards or not, but that the requirement of football is the goal. Finding an Aduriz, Llorente, Joseba Etxeberria or Urzaiz overnight is difficult. I think you have to be patient with Villalibre, just for his dedication and pride and because when he has played he has done well. In the subsidiary there will also be forwards with whom you will have to be patient and train them. But in football everything is short term. Now there are very few Basque forwards in the First Division. Athletic has it more complicated than other teams.

Can Williams score a lot of goals?

Yes, definitely. Iñaki is a very good player, but he cannot be compared with other forwards. He is a fast player, who goes into space and can also score goals as he has shown. What happens is that he is a different player than Aduriz, Urzaiz or Llorente. It does not have those characteristics. He is young, he is doing well and he will surely do better.

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