Ronald Koeman appeared before the media after the game. These were their ratings.

In the first part they have had opportunities, but what happened in the second?

After the break we created three very clear chances, but you can’t forgive that much. Luckily we have been perfect defensively and that they have not created danger. We have been superior, but we must sentence. After an hour, you have to be 2-0 or 3-0. And we haven’t been.

With this level demonstrated today, is the team capable of winning the Classic?

Yes, why not?

Are Ansu and Kun making progress as needed?

They have not been so important in the second part. Ansu and Countinho have to have a better understanding. We lacked depth and we got complicated in the game. It’s complicated. You have to have more distance between the forwards. You have to have freedom, but also be responsible. The objective was to win the game, and we have done it. There are things to improve. But we must also highlight the work without the ball that we have done. Without the ball we have also improved and that is positive. But we are in a situation where we ask for the maximum. And we were not at the maximum.

The public has whistled in the second part. Do you understand that they leave annoying?

Yes, because I am like that too. The party must be sentenced. But there is another thing. We have met back. But it is true that in a game like today, you have to score more.

Listening to him, he is satisfied with the result but not with the game.

I am happy for the team’s play, but not for the effectiveness. When we are so superior in a match and we create so many opportunities, we have to score. They have the quality to do it. If they don’t have it, you can’t ask for it. But they do. This is what we have been missing. The normal result should have been 3-0 or 4-0. And it has to be that way. The effectiveness has to be greater.

There has been an action by Ansu in which he has tried a strange shot instead of giving it to Busquets.

It shows that Ansu is missing things. And it is normal. You have to think that he has been away for a long time and he needs time. And it is normal, because Ansu is going to turn 19 years old. Ansu cannot be asked to solve everything that Messi has left us. It is impossible. I have to talk to him about this play, because I know that it could be left in the face of Coutinho or Busquets. But no miracles can be expected from Ansu Fati. He has been away for a long time and we are talking about a player who is not 19 years old. It is impossible.

Can the aim be improved?

You have to pass the images to the players, be more responsible as a player in an important match … We had to sentence the match. You have to ask the players for the maximum. For some it will serve as experience. It is important to make the goals of tranquility.