This Thursday there was a great stir on social networks after the words of Alfonso Guerra in his interview with Susanna Griso on Antena 3. The former vice president of the Government for the PSOE has joked about Díaz’s criticism of Felipe Gonzalez. She blurted out: “The vice president criticizing the lack of political and legal rigor? Her? She must have given her time between one hair salon and another, she must have had a little time to study.”

The Atresmedia presenter, given these words, warned him that this comment was going to “earn a lot of criticism.” Guerra, far from rectifying, has responded: “It’s true, she dedicates a lot of time to it.”

The reaction of the second vice president of the Government to such statements has not been long in coming. Diaz, during the European employment summit held this Thursday, September 21 in Santiago de Compostela, spoke on the matter.

“All technical and political discrepancies are welcome, but I believe that in the Europe that we preside over today from Santiago de Compostela, sexist comments are not welcomed. From here I say ‘It’s over’ with sexism in Spain and in Europe,” he noted, resorting to ‘It’s over’ that Alexia Putellas and the players of the Spanish Women’s Soccer Team are also using after the scandal of Luis Rubiales.

Before 23-J, Alberto Núñez-Feijóo (PP) He starred in a controversy similar to that of Alfonso Guerra, after saying about Díaz at a rally: “He knows a lot about makeup, there is no doubt.”