Xavier Sardá’s cut to Boris Izaguirre in his plea in favor of bisexuality: “You’re holding a rally”

Some topics of conversation often lead to others, and that is what happened this Monday in TardeAR. The collaborators commented on the sexual practices of Alvaro Muñoz Escassinow in the spotlight for his infidelities to Maria Jose Suarezwhen Boris Izaguirre He also reflected on bisexuality. The rider has also had sexual relations with men.

“Here the issue is open in that there is an atavistic fear of bisexuality and the new generations have all this much more resolved,” said the Venezuelan writer, who took the opportunity to talk about his personal experience.

“I, for example, have been homosexual for not daring to be bisexual and I fully understand that a heterosexual does not want to admit his bisexuality”he explained, after which his colleagues tried to steer the debate back to Escassi. However, he continued speaking.

One generation has a conflict with bisexuality, when new people, young people, do not have it.. In fact, the group is called LGTBIQ+ and the ‘b’ stands for bisexuality. Young people don’t have that problem of bisexuality that we carry with us and that we haven’t known how to evolve in that sense. They don’t care that much,” he said.

The journalist regrets not having let himself be carried away in his life by fear. “For example, as a homosexual, I remained homosexual and did not enter into bisexuality because I considered it cowardly to assume bisexuality “when I’m now learning that it’s just another expansion and I’d like most people to understand that.”

Having said this, Boris launched a proposal to the discussion table: “We should all expand further.” These words were not well received by Sardá, who wanted to return to the initial subject. “What’s wrong with you?” We were talking about Escassi and you are holding a rally that I don’t understand.“He said to his partner, to which he replied: “I think it’s important to say all these things.”