What feeling do you have?

We have had the match. We have played with many complexes for 20 or 25 minutes, but we have removed the complexes. It was a day of bravery and of taking off the complexes. We cannot speak with our voices very loud, but it is one day, I insist, that we take off our complexes. We take off the complexes. This Barça can compete with anyone. The result gives you the reason and today he does not give it to us, but in the sensations it tells us what we must do and that Barça must go up.

But doesn’t it feel bad?

They are contradictory sensations because we had victory to play. We have dominated Madrid for a long time, but we lack experience, patience, responsibility. We are close. We are missing the turning point. It is that we have had the 3-2. We have dominated Madrid, which has fallen behind. It is a pity. We leave angry and sad. This is the way, I think. We could have won. We played with complexes, but from minute 25 on. We took risks, but they took advantage of our mistakes.

Are you optimistic?

I have no complaints about any player because they all have a commitment. They are young and sometimes you have to stop them. It is already a matter of accompanying the results. We are recovering people and it is an advantage for the group.

What reading is left of the reappearances?

In the first part we played with complexes, but then we got loose. And the three of them are going to help us. Pedri and Ferran need minutes, Ansu has scored the goal and they will help us a lot.

Does Barça catch up with Madrid?

Today Yes. But not in LaLiga. We are 17 points down but Madrid is lethal against it. But Madrid is in shape, but we are there.

Have you been tempted to return the line of four at the start of overtime?

It was clear to him that today was a day of courage, responsibility with the ball and playing without complexes. It is a day that, despite the defeat, our morale is very high. We’re leaving sad, but I think we played a very complete game. With responsibility with the ball, Madrid’s transitions are due to our losses, but it was a time to risk, for the centrals to risk and seek superiority over their midfield. We have risked and thus they have made us 3-2. We have been superior to Real Madrid at many times and I think it is a day to remove our complexes and show that we can compete. It is a turning point for Barça.

Is it a defeat for growth?

We lost 3-2, then we had 3-3, it is true that in the end Real Madrid made it 4-2, but we have dominated them, we have controlled them and it is a shame, we are sad. But on the other hand we can be proud, because we have competed very well and this is the way.

It has been very competitive.

The summary is this. Madrid or Barcelona could have won, we have dominated them in many phases of the game and I think we have not dominated when we have shown some fear or have been timid with the ball. From minute 25 we have grown, then we have not stopped their cons as we had talked about and they have taken advantage of our mistakes. We are proud, because it is a turning point in feelings, although sad for the defeat.

Do you get the feeling that this is the way?

They are contrary sensations. Very bad for the defeat, we had the victory there, but we can go away proud of the sensations, of the game, of dominating Madrid. We lack experience, patience, responsibility with the ball, but this is the way. I think we are on the right track, we need that victory to go up, but we have to keep believing and keep trying.

The injured were eager to return. Are you optimistic about what is coming?

I have already said many times that I have no complaints about any player in his commitment. They want to take risks, to be before their injuries and you have to stop them because they are very young and they have that momentum. I am very proud of the team, the family that we are in the dressing room and I want to think that we are on the right track and we need the results to be with us. We have had adverse circumstances, but we are recovering players and it is increasingly difficult to get injuries, and that is positive for the team.

What feelings do you have about the return of Pedri, Ansu and Araujo from injury?

We had some difficult first minutes, but then we have grown. The three of them will help us a lot, you can see what Ansu can do with the goal, his arrivals, he had a draw and they will make many differences.

You said that Madrid is the most fit team in Spain, do you approach them?

Today yes, if we speak in general, no. We are 17 points behind them with one game to play, but today we are. We have competed and if we toss a coin and Barça wins, nothing happens. I think we also deserved to be in the final. They played against it, they took advantage of their fantastic speed and they are our mistakes too. I think we have competed with the fittest team in Spain right now.

What are the sensations of the dressing room?

They also have the feeling that we have made it to the final. At Madrid dominated in their field, we have had the victory and it is sad and powerless. Tomorrow we will see it better, we can feel proud and if there is any way that we have to lose, let it be like that.

De Jong continues to add.

I already said that it is part of the template. In the end we are Barcelona, ​​no one is going to play because of the name, it will be because of performance and meritocracy and how was he going to get Luuk out of the team if he is scoring goals, generating good uncheck marks and is an example for the team. If he continues to perform, he will continue playing.

What do you keep?

The feeling that we could have perfectly won. We had the game, we were brave, everyone considered Madrid the favorite, there was talk of a win and I think we were able to win perfectly.