“Gavi is the heart of the team”

“Nobody believed in Ferran and the tables have turned”


The FC Barcelona coach, happy” in the culé box.

“They are two footballers whose quality level is beyond doubt. Then you have to manage for the good of the team. Cancelo comes from the best coach for me. I see them happy, eager to help the team, for both of them it was a dream to play at Barça. For us it is a joy,” he said at a press conference.

The Barça coach did not want to compare this Félix with the one from Atlético Madrid. “I have a lot of respect for Cholo and I can’t talk about Atlético. I see a happy Joao, wanting to help and be important and we have to take advantage of this. He has enjoyed the position he has played as well,” he stated.

Furthermore, Xavi highlighted the importance of competition. “When they put someone next to you who is in direct competition, you give your best. This is what I have experienced, if they signed a player in my position. This is the best for the team, the top four have scored. Now the The problem is mine, but this is wonderful for the team,” he said.

“We had the whole team for two days, we changed the structure. We dominated the game against a Betis team that we minimized. One of the best games since I have been here as coach,” he added, also praising Ferran, who started this Saturday and with another goal, from a direct free kick.

“Ferran made it clear to me that he was not leaving, that he wanted to succeed and he alone has turned the tables, no one believed in him. He always gives 100%, I am very happy for him. Here at Barça everything is very judged and he has been strong to turn the tables,” he said.

On the other hand, Xavi highlighted the role of Gavi. “It is very difficult for Gavi to take him off the field. He gives us soul, intensity, he gives him passion and character, he is the heart of the team. He is a fundamental person and footballer,” he concluded.