Xavi he has filled with enthusiasm to the barcelonismo, that tries to intuit a new idea and a bolder way of understanding the game. But, since he is not a magician, Xavi the goal could not be invented. That lament of Koeman on lack of effectiveness It has been confirmed with the new Barça coach. On two games, one goal, and disputed penalty. From Memphis, against Espanyol. To the goal they have approached the same Memphis, Alba, Gavi, De Jong, Busquets, Dembélé … Unsuccessfully.

The last season, Messi and Griezmann marked 58 goals out of a total of 122 that converted the entire squad, a 47.54 percent. Producing game, in part, is relatively straightforward. Completing actions is the most difficult. AND Barça had Messi, which turned the art of scoring into routine. Now, Memphis has zero goals in Europe. But they have not accompanied him either Dembélé, Luuk de Jong, Braithwaite o Agüero. The last two, due to physical problems. The Dutchman, because Barça has never believed too much in him. Xavi avoided his entry to the field against Espanyol and, what is more strange, against Benfica although Memphis Depay could not even with his boots.

Shield / Flag Barcelona

So Barça, in the background, is in the hands of Ansu, who scored the goal in Kiev, or of the strategy, thanks to which Piqué scored against Dinamo. Ansu, strategy and association plays that can end in a penalty as in the match against Espanyol. Barça has little else, which also has no striker from level in the quarry. Giving Griezmann in exchange for nothing was a Laporta’s serious mistake. Gil Marín skillfully dribbled with Joao Félix and had to accept De Jong because he was not bad. A terrible management that, in addition, will not be able to correct in January. Sign a level nine it is impossible because there is no money and Barça cannot play any more Boateng, Braithwaite, De Jong style roles.

It will not be easy. Xavi has brought, above all, delusion. Also some idea and game. But has not been able to bring a goal. 180 minutes later, Barça has not been able to make any at stake. We will see in Villarreal.