Valencia Basket player important” and that he wants to become “big in Europe” and that means always being “competing”.

“Lowering objectives is a way of deceiving ourselves, we are aware that we are Valencia, an important club in the league and that wants to become great in Europe, we have to be consistent with who we are and set objectives based on that, I am not telling you to win titles , but to be at the top competing and always be knocking on the door, fighting and competing,” the Basque declared to the media this Wednesday before the presentation of the Endesa League.

Alex Mumbrú made a big leap from Bilbao to Valencia and the challenge was maximum, but experience is a degree and for the forward the coach “has been able to reflect in order to face this season in the best way” “He said that he came with great enthusiasm and it is mutual on the part of everyone,” he stressed.

In the ‘taronja’ team they have “no more pressure” than last season, since each year everyone starts “on the same starting line”, and they have to see it as “an opportunity”. “We have the possibility of doing good things, we have worked well in the preseason and building our future for the whole year will only depend on us,” he argued.

“Everyone’s disposition is very good, there is a very good vibe among the teammates and we have brought ten people, we are looking forward to the league starting and seeing how the team works and for my part as soon as it is okay to join them,” López-Arostegui remarked.

The former Joventut de Badalona player confesses that every year the Endesa League becomes “more competitive”, but that this “is an incentive to “work harder”. “The other teams always bring better players, more physical and with more talent and more prepared, but that is also good for the league, for the fans, for the show and for basketball,” he stressed.

The forward declared that he is “better” from the fascistism that he has suffered for months, although he does not hide that what is worse is “the uncertainty” of not having “fixed deadlines.” “I am taking advantage of the resources that the club provides me, with conservative treatment and to see if with patience and doing things well and to see if everything works,” he concluded.