The coach of the Elche, Fran Scribe, affirmed this Friday that from his point of view, the maximum candidate to win the League title is the Atlético de Madrid, tomorrow's rival at Martínez Valero, since he considers that he is the one with the best squad.

“There are teams with differential players, but Atlético is the team that I like the most as a block. He doubles positions with tremendous quality anywhere and a coach from whom little can be said for the performance he takes out of them ”, commented the Valencian coach.

Despite recognizing the quality of Atlético de Madrid, Fran Escribá was convinced of Elche's options for victory. “They are favorites and it is logical that this is the case because they fight for the League and we fight for permanence, but that does not prevent the small team from winning,” argued the coach.

Escribá recalled that large teams “lose little during the year.” “If you play ten games against them, you will only win one, but we are going to play with the illusion that tomorrow is that game, “he added.

He indicated that his team should not plan the game as “an exchange of blows” and that the options go through “being a block and being all together defending, because the rival is a team that takes you to the maximum.”

The coach did not dare to state which team is playing more “since the two objectives are equally important” and assured that he does not make accounts with the calendar of direct rivals.

Escribá admitted that the tie can be a good result “Because adding always helps”, but reiterated that he does not give up starting “to add the three because it would be a huge leap.”

The coach ruled out “putting the team behind” against Atlético, since he assured that it is difficult to add against a great “without looking at the goal” rival. “Leaving them to zero would be a feat and we are going to have our options,” he added.

The Elche coach took hold of his team's good game against Real Madrid, the victory against Sevilla or the good image against Barcelona to find arguments to be excited about a positive result.

We have competed very well against the greats. I think we can beat them, but you have to make few mistakes”Said Escribá, who did not want to speculate on the future of the goalkeeper Edgar Badía at the club after having lost ownership in recent weeks.

“I am convinced that the only thing he wants is to win. The future matters little now. When the year ends, we will all have the right to make decisions and think about ourselves ”, he concluded.


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