World TeamTennis
World TeamTennis

World TeamTennis is an innovative mixed-gender professional tennis league that will begin from the 5th of July. The tennis league is going to start at the Greenbrier, West Virginia. There will be up to 500 fans that World TeamTennis will allow to watch the matches during its three-week season. The tournament organizers did inform each and every fan on Tuesday.

World TeamTennis Will Allow Up To 500 Viewers

Well, World TeamTennis or WTT did mention that it will adhere to all the health and safety protocols that the authorities will surely require. But they will have to make sure that the well-being of the players, coaches, and other essential staff. It is all happening due to the outburst of the deadly Coronavirus that WTT has to put in more effort for the safety of all.

Sofia Kenin and Sloane Stephens, the Grand Slam Champions are all set and ready to take part in the tournament. The event will be consists of 63 matches just the same as the regular seasons and then the playoffs.

WTT has a plan to have at least 3 matches per day at the Greenbrier outdoor stadium with a capacity of 2500 seats. Meanwhile, the indoor court of Greenbrier will be ready in case of any emergency back up.

Carlos Silva, Ceo of WTT says, “The overwhelming feedback from our players is that they want to play WTT and are comfortable in doing so in a safe environment, which is our number one priority.”

He also did mention that they are increasing the prize money to a record $5 million. Also, there will be an addition of $1 million to award the players in WTT Playoffs Compensation.

Fans and viewers who can not be able to watch the match from the stances can watch it on Television. According to the organizers, all the matches will be available to stream on CBS, CBS Sports Network, Tennis Channel, and ESPN+. It is surely joyful news for everyone that WTT will be offering the opportunity to fans and viewers for watching the amazing and exciting match and cheer for their favorite players.


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