The Eden Hazard’s physique It is a debate that also jumps to the Belgian team itself. The Madrid attacker has been released by his federation after the World Cup qualification and did not have to stay for the inconsequential match against Wales on Tuesday. Asked about that and about different questions of the Red Devils, Your partner Axel Witsel made a curious revelation in the Belgian press. “Hazard was not fit enough to play two games in a row, that’s what Roberto Martínez told us”explained the midfielder.

Photo the Hazard

In fact, Eden Hazard didn’t even play the first full game last Saturday. He was replaced by his brother Thorgan in the 62nd minute during the 3-1 to Estonia in which the madridista returned to remain without marking. It was the third game in a row without doing it. This season he has only scored one and it was with Belgium (in September, to the Czech Republic) because with Madrid he is unprecedented …

He is not the only one who has focused on the state of his teammate. So did Christian Benteke. “Eden has a significant injury history and now avoids more contact in his game. When you carry a past like that, you subconsciously think about it. But it’s not because he doesn’t dribble five or six men anymore that Eden doesn’t dribble in more games. You no longer need to do that to make a good game. Now he moves intelligently on the field ”, said the striker of the Belgian national team.