Barça will play at the Allianz Arena behind closed doors, just as they did in the debacle of the Champions quarter-finals two seasons ago

Bayern beat Barça playing behind closed doors

Bayern beat Barça playing behind closed doors


On December 30, the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder, confirmed that the Bayern Munich-Barça it would be played door closed Faced with the bad situation of coronavirus infections in the German state and in the memory of the Catalans, the only precedent flew over against the Bavarian team without fans: the painful 2-8 of the quarterfinals of the Champions League two seasons ago.

Although time has passed since that defeat, the memory of that match in Can Barça it continues to hurt and the culés players will seek today to take revenge to get a pass to the round of 16 of the Champions. Xavi Hernandez He noted in the preview that “it’s a shame that the public can’t be there to experience the atmosphere” and that the game “will be cold and I don’t see any benefit for us.”

That 2-8, in which the Bayern passed over without palliative Barçawill also inspire the Germans to try to repeat that superb performance and complete a group stage of Champions with full of victories.

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