With Reguilón there are already 110 million in the Madrid box

He Real Madrid continues to fulfill its triple objective around the first team in this market: reduce the number of chips (Lunin and Rodrygo have been registered for the moment in Castilla), reduce the salary expense and enter with sales. They are the three routes of action arranged for this summer, in a strategy reinforced with the departure of Reguilón (23 years old) to Tottenham.

The incorporation of the Spanish international to Mourinho's team is a great oxygen ball, with which It is committed until 2025 and that it will pay € 30M fixed plus 5M in variables. The agreement includes two important clauses for the future plans of Madrid and the side: at the Bernabéu they will have a buyback option for around € 40m until 2022, as well as a right of first refusal.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Achraf's departures (€ 40M plus bonus) to Inter, own Reguilón (€ 30M + 5), from James (€ 25M, although Banfield ensures that it was at zero cost) to Everton and Oscar (€ 15M for 75% of their rights) they leave Sevilla in the box € 110M, a figure with which to cushion the strong impact of the crisis caused by the coronavirus in world football. To that amount, in addition, could be added up to 10 million for the variables collected in the deals with Inter and Tottenham by Achraf and Reguilón, which would mean a maximum of € 120M.

The quarry, an important source of income for Madrid

And the account does not end there. Bale's loan to Tottenham until June 2021 frees around half of his high salary (about € 15 million gross per year), there is no one to move Mariano but he still wants to give him an exit and the unknown is Borja Mayoral. The youth squad considers several offers but has dazzled Zidane during the preseason and, while the offices are looking for a loan to Jovic, the one from Parla has entered the call against Real.


In addition to the sales of the first team players, It is necessary to break down what Madrid received for the transfers of Kubo to Villarreal (€ 2.5M + 2.5 in variables) and Reinier to Dortmund (the amount did not transcend). Also what was entered in the margin of the first template, another € 13M: 3 by 50% of Javi Sánchez (Valladolid), 2.5 by 50% of De Frutos (Levante), 2.5 by 50% of Dani Gómez (Levante), 2.5 by Baeza (Celta) and 2 , 5 more variables for Soro (Granada). Management in the offices, in times of crisis, has been brilliant to make up to 125.5 million cash.