A victory does not always ensure a week of tranquility. That lesson will be learned by Solskjaer in the next few days. after his team’s performance against Atalanta. The victory, full of epic, does not hide the shortcomings of a team that is not responding to the expectations created after the signings last summer, with Cristiano Ronaldo at the helm.

One of the most critical has been the former striker Peter Crouch, who did not hesitate to state in BT Sport that “if Pep and Klopp were in charge of this team I think all four forwards would work a lot harder, by no means would they get away with it. I don’t think Ole is going to upset his players. I see body language in some players that with Pep and Klopp they would be eliminated. The sagging arms, which I don’t like, must be nipped in the bud, those two would have made sure that it was so. It is not sustainable to continue relying only on individual brilliance. “

For his part, Rio Ferdinand, also at BT Sport, assured that “no one could tell the public that the problems are cured and that everything is fine and it is rosy, because it is not like that. But you have to hold on to a result like this. The emotion you have, you have to carry it forward to lift the spirit of the dressing room “, referring to United’s next game, against Liverpool. And he also remembered that “we saw the Van Gaal and Mourinho teams, bored, putting you to sleep, so going from that to this is great. But remember who you are playing against, you are playing Atalanta “