The Wimbledon tournament will be played with a minimum 25% capacity, with the organization focused on increasing the figure based on the situation in the United Kingdom when the dates get closer.

The championship, suspended in 2020, will begin on June 28, a week after the Government of Boris Johnson predictably lifts the restrictions related to the covid.

Although the Wimbledon organization will try to delay as much as possible the announcement of the exact number of fans who will be able to attend the tournament, they have been able to communicate, in a press conference held this Tuesday, that they will have at least 25% capacity, ending the option of having it held behind closed doors.

In addition, Wimbledon has decided to delay until June the announcement of the prize pool for this year's edition.

What the organization has done is to communicate the elimination of one of the greatest traditions of the tournament from 2022, such as 'middle Sunday', for which the activity on the slopes was interrupted on the Sunday halfway through the tournament, to give a day of recovery to the grass.

In this way, Wimbledon will become a 14-day tournament, like the rest of the Grand Slams.


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