Twitter comments on the pendant of the princess eleanor. That if it reads love in Arabic, that he took it on other occasions, that why love in Arabic… and one more turn, what if it is a gift from his grandfather, who has lived as an expatriate in Abu Dhabi for almost three years? ?

Of course it attracts attention. But because of the pendant we have tiptoed over this photograph. This image is not just any posed. It’s the posed. It’s the first official selfie I’ve seen of the Royal Family. Mrs. Letizia has been in charge of doing it. She holds the iPhone in her right hand, places it face up. They all pose. The most professional is the Queen. She smiles and looks at the camera. Sofia also look at the camera. The Queen is focused on the image, on how they are going to come out. Both sisters are digital natives. Its centennial generation is very used to acting in front of a mobile camera. They look so natural.

The protagonist is Eleanor. She is precisely the only one in the family who does not look at her mother’s camera, but at a second focus. Due to her situation in the plane, in the front row of the perched, the princess of Asturias monopolizes all the stars of the moment. It’s her big graduation day. Her moment. Of this composition, the most spontaneous is her father. The King, who couldn’t feel more proud of his daughter, rests his head on the princess.

Philip VI y Joy and their daughters form a pineapple. The monarch hugs Sofia from behind. What is this portrait worth? Very much. It is super valuable. It is the first selfie of the Royal Family taken by the Queen, which they share with us. It is an image of the Kings and their daughters, which conveys maximum emotion and happiness to us. Without filters. A private moment that they have shared in public. We have very few images of them as spontaneous as this one. In it they project closeness and generate empathy as parents celebrating their daughter’s graduation. That is why it is a success of communication. Just like Leonor’s farewell was at the Madrid Barajas airport, in 2021, heading to Wales. With those hugs.