Why Leonor and Sofía pose, alone, in the Christmas greeting from Casa Real

The daughters of the Kings return alone to the Christmas of the Royal House. A format that we already saw in 2020. In this way, Philip VI y Mrs. Letizia They give all the prominence to their daughters. (Photo credit: House of HM the King).

Casa Real has released this autumnal image of the Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofía, most likely taken in the gardens of the Palacio de la Zarzuela in Madrid. It is an unpublished pose in which he appears Leonorin the center of the image due to her status as heiress, and her sister, behind, on the left. Sofiavery affectionate, hugs her and holds her hands.

Both have been combined in shades of off-white, which has that illuminating effect on faces. Sofía has chosen a blue striped sailor-style sweater, while Leonor debuts a cable-knit jumper in eights. Behind them, a wall of leaves in the colors of autumn softens the natural light. The landscape of Nature always transmits positive emotions. It is a recurring scenario in the image chosen by the Casa del Rey to congratulate the holidays. “Very affectionately and with our best wishes”, Felipe VI and Letizia sign.

This is not the first year that the head of state and his wife have given the leading role to their daughters in this pose. This format was also chosen in 2020, the year zero of the pandemic. Leonor and Sofía are very young. Are centennials and connect with that generation. They represent the future of the institution. The princess also symbolizes continuity. For this reason, her presence is increasing.